Donald Trump tweeted bizarre New Year greeting: Happy New Year, enemies!

Have the upcoming presidential Trump outdone itself in pettiness? The critics believe that frowning at another odd tweet of the Trump. This time, because he wants a happy New Year and lots of love for his enemies. The New Year’s tradition, the time to send well-meaning wishes for the future to family, friends and acquaintances.


US president-elect did, however, turn to once again demonstrate that he is completely his own, and certainly not like any other. On his medium Twitter he sent as a greeting to all – even to his enemies. ‘Happy New Year to everyone, including my many enemies and those who fought against me and lost so emphatically wonder that they now do not know what to do. Love!’ it sounded almost flower power-like tweet from Trump New Year’s Eve.

Although tweeted has been shared more than 120,000 times and has received nearly 300,000 likes, it is certainly not all of the so-called enemies who are enthusiastic greeting from their next president. It depends who people think Trump is referring to with the word ‘enemies.’ Some think he believes all those who have not voted for him. Others that it is a thinly veiled allusion to Hillary Clinton, the Republican elite and everyone else who tried to stop him on the road to the presidency.

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