How Donald Trump meant the end of this woman’s marriage

The American president Donald Trump appears to be the basis of a remarkable divorce. Lynn (37) and Dave (46) Aronberg from Florida put a point behind their marriage and the local socialite gave a special reason. Because she is a convinced Republican


and supporter of Donald Trump, she felt “increasingly isolated” in her marriage to her Democratic husband. Lynn (who owns a PR company) and Dave Aronberg (the public prosecutor in Palm Beach County) got married in May 2015. But it did not last long. “Over the past few months, we have thought about it carefully and decided to separate in all friendship and with mutual respect”, says a joint announcement.

“We will still be good friends. We demand respect for our privacy, while we both start a new chapter in our lives. ” The divorce – which is called the ‘Trump Divorce’ by her own PR company – does not bother her anyhow. She gets $ 100,000 in benefits and her ex has to pay half of the rent until next summer for her luxury apartment in the fashionable resort of Boca Raton. She also won a brand new BMW and $ 40,000 in cash.

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