“Donald Trump got five women offered in Russian hotel room”

According to NBC News Donald Trump received in 2013, from a Russian who was involved in a beauty contest in Moscow, the offer that five women would be sent to his hotel room. The story appeared in a testimony that Keith Schiller, Trump’s then bodyguard,


took before the parliamentary committee. Schiller stated that he immediately thanked for the offer. “We do not do that kind of thing”, he replied in his own words. In opposition to NBC, Schiller’s lawyer Stuart Sears stated that he regretted that “people within the party” leaked details of Schiller’s testimony to the media. “The head of the committee should investigate who is responsible for leaking false and misleading versions of Schiller’s testimony,” Sears said.

The committee conducts several investigations into possible interactions between the Russian government and the Drum Campaign team for last year’s presidential elections. Similarly, a controversial file is being scrutinized in which, among other things, Russia is in possession of a sex video in which Trump plays a leading role and that Trump has hired prostitutes to pee on the hotel bed in which the Obama’s had slept. President Trump put the contents of that dossier as false and, according to NBC, Schiller did the same in empathy.

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