Donald Trump answered the statements about the unhappy wife of Melania

President of the United States Donald Trump answered the appeared statements that Melania doubted her husband won the election. The Vanity Fair article also stated that Melanie did not in any way want to become the first lady and face all the responsibilities. Trump also denied rumors in his Twitter account. “Melania, our beautiful and hardworking First Lady,


who truly loves what she does. He always knew that if I fight for the post of president, I will win without a doubt. I also thought that I would win (or not run at all) – and everything is fine in the country! “Trump wrote in his recent tweet. Recall that recently in the journal Vanity Fair appeared “obscene and false” publication on the white house, where the first lady was deported. This was stated by the spokeswoman of the wife of American leader Stephanie Grisham.

The material that referred to the close friend of the president’s family was information about Melania’s disappointment in the elections, because she did not want to be the first lady at all. “The material is full of references to nameless sources and false assumptions. It’s a shame to a magazine aimed at women, to continue to write obscene and false stories in the hope of discrediting Ms. Trump.

It would be better to focus on her positive work as a first lady, a caring mother and wife, “said Grisham, noting that Melania Trump is proud of the role of the first lady.” It’s none of my business, it’s Trump’s business, “Melania said.”It’s none of my business, this is Trump’s business, “Melania allegedly said. “This is not what she wanted. And he himself did not think that he would win, “the source told the publication.

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