Donald and Melania Trump flew on an unexpected visit to Iraq for Christmas

Yesterday, December 26, US President Donald Trump and his spouse Melania arrived on an unexpected visit to Iraq, where they visited the American military base. As the White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders wrote on her

Twitter, the couple arrived there right on Christmas night and thanked the military for their service and also wished them happy holidays. Melania appeared in public in a rather informal way. She was wearing tight green jeans, a mustard-colored jacket with a belt at the waist and beige boots from Timberland. However, her husband also refused the usual classic jacket and donned a bomber jacket.

This visit was not announced spouses and kept secret. By the way, both Donald and Melania Trump were in a great mood, were happy to take pictures with the military and kept close to each other and did not even hesitate to kiss in public. In Iraq, which Donald Trump visited for the first time since taking office, the couple did not stay long. However, that was not the end of their trip. Then they went to Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where they also met with the US military and congratulated them on the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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