To be a divorce? Melania and Donald Trump look like strangers to each other people

Journalists do not quibble: will Donald and Melania Trump divorce? So, the editors of the Hollywood Life edition contacted an expert in kinesics to evaluate the latest joint photos of the spouses and commented on what really happens between them.

So, the expert reviewed the photos from February 16, which were made at the Broward hospital in Florida. It would seem that outwardly Melanie and Donald look like usual. The President of the United States in a suit says something actively gesticulating, the first lady in a white dress and shoes-boats stands beside her and is silent. However, the master of reading the hidden signals of the body saw much more. “Melania’s hands are pressed to the body, and the legs are to each other. This indicates her tension, that she is afraid. Donald does not look like his wife is next to him. It seems that they came separately. Between them there is no emotional connection, “the expert says.

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