Dare you? China opens world’s highest glass bridge

The Chinese beat the course, not just one, but two records when they recently opened a new glass bottom bridge. For the bridge that hangs between two rock formations in Zhangijajie National Park, is both the world’s longest and highest of its kind. It measures 430 meters long, six meters wide and extends across a gap that at its deepest point is 300 meters.


So far it’s just an ‘ordinary’ bridge, but later it is planned to be carried everything from fashion shows on the bridge and mounted a platform for bungy jumps.

When it happens, the bridge will also be able to boast of having the world’s highest bungee jump. The title has otherwise been previously located at Macau Tower, which has a 233-meter high diving platform. The bridge is of course been tested multiple times prior to its opening. Among others, a large passenger car was run over it in order to test that the glass constellation with.


Several subjects have also tested the use, including last week when the Chinese media New China TV helped. You can see the video the feature with both car and frantic attempts rabbits at the bottom of the article. With a proper hammer by hand, guests are allowed to try to hukke hole in one of the top glass plates – and succeeded in fact! It
is much narrower, much higher up in the air, but also much faster to get over.


Glass Skywalk mounted on the rocks along Tianmen mountain in the same area. Glass Bridge is part of the path that goes along the cliff from which overlooks the valley. It is 60 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and – hold now fixed – located more than one of kilometers above the ground!

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