Dangerous connections: how did Angelina Jolie help find the criminal?

Angelina Jolie plays superheroes not only in the movies. About five years ago, the prosecutor International Criminal Court (ICC – Ed…) Moreno Ocampo suggested the actress to become “live bait”. He asked the mother of many children to invite African military leader Josef Koni,


who committed a crime against humanity, for dinner, then to arrest him. “She wants to arrest Koni. She’s ready. Perhaps Brad will go with us, “the prosecutor wrote to one of his subordinates via email.”Brad supports the initiative. We need to discuss how we will get to our destination, “Jolie replied.

According to the investigation, Joseph was hiding on the border of Sudan and South Sudan. However, the actress and her husband never reached Africa – Moreno’s plan did not materialize. By the way, the enterprising prosecutor also wanted to use George Clooney and Sean Penn for his own purposes. However, even in these cases he did not succeed in getting words from the words.


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