Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to move to China for a record salary

Cristiano Ronaldo has long been in love unconditionally. In love with his profession, and the club, which has devoted years of his life. This is the “Real Madrid”. But, as reported by some foreign media reports, the footballer was made a good offer, accepting that he could leave the ranks of “realovtsev” and become a member of the football team in China.


Cristiano Agent Jorge Mendes told that a Chinese football club, whose name was not disclosed, was willing to pay for Ronaldo transfer about 300 million euros his club “Real Madrid” and assign salaries to Cristiano EUR 100 million per year. Note that now in the “Real” is one of the most successful players in the world receives almost four times less.

But despite the tempting sum, this proposal did not attract Cristiano. He refused to go into the Chinese football league, what is very pleased fans of “Real”. “Money – it’s not all. “Real Madrid” – this is his life, Cristiano is happy to be a part of this club, and he did not want to move to China “, – said Jorge Mendez.

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