Cristiano Ronaldo lost the lead in the ranking of the highest paid stars in Europe

Not so long ago we talked about the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has taken care of his earnings to the end of life – football player signed a lifetime contract with Nike in the bank. Despite the deal, the athlete is still not able to be in first place in the ranking of the highest paid stars in Europe.


According to data published in the of Forbes, Cristiano can only boast the second result. List headed guys in the band One Direction. Over the past 12 months, the guys who are now engaged in solo projects, earned 89.9 million pounds (judging included shooting in advertising, Pepsi, Colgate and income from their last tour On The Road Again).

The second place was given to Cristiano Ronaldo (72 million pounds). The third position was placed Adele (65.8 million pounds). A full list of the highest paid stars in Europe is as follows: One Direction – 89,9 million pounds Cristiano Ronaldo – 72 million pounds Adele – 65.8 million pounds Tennis player Roger Federer – 56 million pounds

Group The Rolling Stones – 54 million pounds Calvin Harris – 51 million pounds Paul McCartney – 46 million pounds Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic – 45.7 million pounds U2 Group – 45 million pounds Chef povarGordon Ramzi- 44 million pounds.

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