Cristiano Ronaldo could be imprisoned for tax evasion

It seems that the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo faces a prison sentence! The athlete may be sentenced to a 4-month imprisonment, as well as the obligation to pay a fine of EUR 8 million. In Portugal, the tax authorities have found evidence


that between 2011 and 2014 football evade taxes in the amount of 8 million euros.However, employees of the tax do not come to a unanimous verdict: not all in favor of a criminal case against Ronaldo. It was established that the athlete spent money through offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, but in 2014 he still had time to resolve the situation and paid taxes in the amount of 6 million euros in the previous year. However, the footballer had to file a tax return each year, instead of doing everything at once. If Ronaldo a criminal case, he could face a prison sentence. In the event that the inspectors will be more loyal, and be limited to administrative sanctions, the soccer star will have to pay only a fine.

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