Completed “God of War” epic statue weighs 1,320 tons

One would expect that a statue of the “God of War” will be characterized by epikotitas elements. But there is “epic” and there is imminent and this huge statue of Guan Yu, a famous general in Chinese history, later deified, is certainly epic. The statue was presented recently at the Park Guan Yu in the province Yingzi China. Its height is 58 meters and weighs more than 1,320 tons and contains more than 4,000 sheets of copper.


The statue was designed by Han Meilin, who is perhaps best known for the projects planned for the 2008 Olympic Games, and the monument is so large that there is even a museum of 8,000 square meters inside!

The Guan Yu lived during the turbulent period of the Three Kingdoms of China. He always carried with him a spear called “the Green Dragon Blade”. The only difference is that the gun is now weighs 136 tons! Did we forgot to mention that this statue is epic?

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