The colorful banks of Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux with its colorful banks redesigns the traditional banks changing radically the ‘ user experience of customers, starting with an appearance much friendlier, focused on the use of white from which stand out the colors vivid.


The ial Sugamo Shinkin Bank / Nakaaoki is the ‘ last of the banks colored designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux , its facade consists of cubes of different depths with front or colored side , the visual result changes from the point of view. The gardens can be seen from the outside, but also from the space opened on the first floor, and the section of finance and cafe on the second floor.


A succession of floors of colored different lengths, in 12 color tones that flow, like an explosion, from the main body white building. The lighting night plans colored creates a fascinating changing scenic effect. The traffic and the sidewalk exists very tight have prompted the architect to blend internal and external pulling back the construction of about 2 meters from the boundary ,


in this space paved with wood are placed 29 colorful piles of 9 meters , which are reflected on the facade glass , mingling with the 19 poles placed inside .

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