Church approved the marriage of Prince Harry diluted Meghan Markle

The hottest topic now a day is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marriage, the last few months writing the entire world’s media. The obstacles encountered on the way of this union, whether the dark spots on the reputation of Megan’s family,


it was not of British origin, or difficulties in relation to it from the royal throne. However, one of the possible obstacles has been removed. This was reported today the Church of England. Before the British press speculated that “dilute” the position of Megan could create problems on the way to a church wedding with Prince. Or, as argued journalists certainly did not give the opportunity to arrange a ceremony in the walls of the abbey, where fastened their unions Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Despite the resolution of the church, the rules require Harry to ask permission to marry the queen. It is rumored that the Prince has already appealed to the grandmother with the request and received the blessing. “The Queen has approved the marriage, so that the engagement is inevitable”, – previously reported by insiders, arguing that marriage should wait until the end of this year.

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