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Police seeking a mountain lion found some ‘unusual’ creatures


The Police Department Gardner, Kansas, responded to an emergency call by the possibility that there was a mountain lion that threatened the area of Celebration Park. What they found left them surprised. To determine whether

After being grafted a bionic penis, he has an erection for two weeks

Mohammed Abad is from the month of August the first man in the world with a bionic penis. In an interview on Britain’s ITV, he told how the operation had changed her life, but also the inconvenience that resulted. At the age of six,

Horror Clown puts teen down in Germany


In Essen, Germany, has a ‘horror clown’ stabbed a sixteen year old boy. That happened yesterday in the evening. According to police, the teenager was a cut and he had to be taken to hospital. The victim is not in danger. It is not clear why

A terrible earthquake shook Italy: collapsed buildings, people in panic


An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale on Sunday around 7:40 pm again struck central Italy. People are in a panic ran out into the street and collapsed the numerous buildings . An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale on

Can you guess what these naked people protesting against?

A dozen naked human bodies planted upside down in a desert landscape in Mexico. The main ingredients of the American photographer Spencer Tunick’s latest work ‘Investment’, which Friday was busy with volunteers and stark

Donald Trump naked under the hammer for 20,000 euros


A life-size statue of a naked Donald Trump is Saturday in Los Angeles went under the hammer for 22,000 dollars, 20,000 euros converted. The little flattering statue of the Republican presidential entitled “The Emperor has no Balls’

Haiti death toll rises to 842, hurricane pulls along Florida

The death toll from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti is going according to the authorities to at least 842. As the water level drops, there are many additional bodies recovered. Meanwhile the storm pulls along the coast of the US city of Florida, toward

Danney Williams claims to be secret son of Bill Clinton

The scandal again pursue Bill Clinton on the campaign trail for his wife Hillary Clinton to accede to the presidency of the US And, a young 30-year-old Danney Williams says it’s secret son of Clinton and is trying through social networks to

478 have died during Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

The death toll in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew has reached at least 478, according to representatives of the authorities in Haiti. But the numbers of victims have varied considerably depending on which government agency is being

Who do you think Facebook really you are? Check yourself if you dare


Facebook knows I belong to Generation Z. That I am at a point in my life has been commute, and I have two iPhones, an iPad and a Macbook. I am interested in journalism, media and culture. Not indeed surprising, but good work Facebook.