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Dramatic report: The ingredient in Nutella can cause cancer


Your Nutella can be carcinogenic, claiming European food agency. But the company behind the popular chocolate and nut butter not bow. It is a routine in many Danish homes in the morning. At the breakfast table to be cheese, jams

Several killed in shooting incident in US airport


Several people are reported killed in a shooting incident in Fort Lauderdale in the United States, writes American media. Miami. At least five people have died in a shooting incident in the International Airport Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood,

Toyota shares fall after Trumps threat on Twitter


Washington. The car-maker Toyota shares fall after the newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump, has threatened the company with duty and high taxes. Trump has a tweet turned his anger against Toyota, because the

Prince Charles has cheated on his wife and mistress


At Camilla Parker Bowles have the opportunity to try out their own pill. How to inform the Western media, Prince Charles changed his wife – the very woman he cheated on his ex-wife Princess Diana , the mother of his children Prince

Queen Elizabeth II nearly shot the guard at Buckingham Palace


British Queen Elizabeth II nearly shot her own security guard, when she came out for a walk at night Buckingham Palace, as she could not sleep, about this newspaper Independent. As the former guard, one night, he guarded the inner

“When dad goes to the White House, Ivanka Trump moves into this stulpje 5.3 million”

ivanka trump, trump daughter, ivanka trump house

This month, Donald Trump moves into the White House and it looks as though his daughter Ivanka and her family found a new stulpje in Washington. That feels already know the American newspaper Washingtonian. Sources in the real

2017 will be one seconds late


With … delay will welcome the new year , as the advent of 2017 will be delayed a little, namely, just a second. This will happen as it was decided to add to the clocks of humanity a leap second, p In order to compensate for the slowing

Recognized historian scary announcement: World War III has begun


Several researchers and historians has long speculated that the Third World War may be brewing. The murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey and the war in Syria has got more to draw parallels to both the First and Second World

Passenger aircraft attacked Ivanka Trump with insults and accusations


In an unpleasant situation this past day was Ivanka Trump , who was sent with his family for the Christmas holidays. The airline JetBlue aircraft cabin, ready to fly out of New York, one of the passengers attacked the daughter of US president-elect

At age 13 she was the prettiest girl in class – now she is 18 years old and her picture tells a terrible story


Margherita is originally from England, where she dreamed of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Strict dance teacher told Margherita that her curvy body was unsuitable for ballet. They kept saying that she had ‘thick thighs’. The