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Is this baby proof that there are a angels? The mystery behind the sensational rescue


It was Friday night last March, when Jennifer Groesbeck, had a tragic car accident while returning from dinner at the home of her father. What caused the accident remains a mystery, as the front wheel of the car crashed into a concrete wall at the edge of a bridge and the car remained suspended for some time before crashing

Mother gave birth to twins three times in five years!


The story of Andrea Rivas is really shocking. After a miscarriage, the Andrea believed he would never become mom. Yet within five years gave birth to six children, four own and two as a surrogate mother! In 2012 Andrea and Mark Rivas first became parents when they gave birth to IVF twins Conor and Avery. Before the

You will not believe that doctors found giant ants in ear underage


What can hide an irritation in the ear? Something that left doctors stunned when they found that within the ear of a 12-year, ants had built their nest. Incredible as it may sound, doctors have turned out, so far, not one, not two but 1000 ants from her ears Shreya Darji with scientists boggling as to how and why insects literally

The town of vampires: How strange is happening in New Zealand?


Situated in Napier, New Zealand, the police investigate a series of attacks bites. As you will understand, and in the words of the police, the case is “a little strange”. Last weekend were registered three such incidents. First, one woman bitten a man so hard he cut an artery and then another woman was arrested as bitten the ear of a man

Weird Global objectives of mankind in the calendar for 2016


The Global Goals have released a wonderful weird calendar for 2016, which each month – these are the global problems that humanity must solve together. What are the goals facing society – in the photos. Every photo has its own charm and weird story so fascinating and see them below and i bet each photo

The guy who has done the improbable art photos Facebook profile


Choose a new profile picture for Facebook is very serious, but some take more seriously than the others. Here is a man who makes a new profile photo every week, metamorphosing of different characters each time, with the help of costumes, makeup and well selected locations. We do not know who exactly is this knight, but thanks

Taiwanese open church in the shape of a big blue pump shoe


In Taiwan, a striking piece of architecture arose from the ground, but it’s not exactly what you would expect. This big blue pump shoe is not a new fashionable shoe store, but … a church. Why this form? “In order to attract more women,” it sounds. The handsome building in the Ocean View Park in Chiayi, Taiwan, is almost entirely

Real life Pinocchio; his brain was developing in the nose


Mother featuring “True Pinocchio” and talks about the history of … The only 21 months Ollie Trezise from Wales was born with a condition called encephalocele causing the brain to develop in a “bag” nose. The disease caused essentially a “crack” between the skull and nose according to the British Daily Mail. The 21 month-old baby is

The tree of the devil – burns only inside


Panic caused a group of people who were walking in the woods in Ohio a tree burning only inside. Walkers, saw the tree burning and while initially approached with curiosity, then ran away from the point of believing that it is something evil. The explanation as wrote surfers below this post, it may be simpler as lightning struck the tree.

Socratea exorrhiza trees who are walking 20 meters a year


The Socratea exorrhizaor “phoenix walking” is probably the only tree in the world that really moved …The tree that grows in Latin American countries, can change position thanks to its roots. As the seasons change the Socratea exorrhiza creates new roots a little farther from the starting point that originally created it. Then leave the