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Why they black cats bring bad luck?


The superstitious fear. In much of Europe, including France, crossing a black cat would bring bad luck. This pagan belief was born in the Middle Ages. This type of feline was then associated with the devil and accompany the followers

The Tower of London was protected by the Evil Forces magic


Archaeologists have found symbols of protection dozens on the framework of the London fortress. A discovery that would prove that its inhabitants tried to defend against occult powers. Archaeologists have identified 54 brands, engraved

Professor of Psychiatry has shown that there is life after death


According to Stevenson, under the influence of hypnosis many subjects not only remembered fragments of past life, but told purposes stories that happen to them. A scientist for a long time studied reincarnation, supporting knowledge

Siberian miners found “mummified monster”

Siberian miners believe they have discovered an unknown dinosaur species. They found a “mummified monster” that local scientists presents a puzzle during their work in the city udachny. Nobody knows yet what it is exactly mysterious

Unbelievable! Vanished plane landed after 37 years

Man gradually, step by step, we are exploring our amazing world. And it seems, is no longer there is nothing that could not be explained by scientists. But our world is full of mysteries and puzzles, and sometimes come really incredible things that one

New theory: End of the world will occur on July 29, 2016


Authors of a new theory of doomsday claim that humanity remains less than a week. More precisely – life will end on July 29, 2016, reports Sputnik Moldova, quoted by Focus news agency. The new theory is gaining popularity on the Internet and video dedicated

Most weird and terrifying mummies in the world


Probably all you watched a horror movie about reanimated mummies, attacking people. These Evil Dead have always stirred the human imagination. But in reality, the mummies do not carry anything terrible, representing incredible archaeological value. In this issue you will find

Horror fairy tale: American makeup artist Share “ruined Disney Princesses”


A makeup artist uses the art of makeup to reveal the horrible fate of the Disney princesses and pop idols. Mykie is a self-taught special effects makeup artist, now resident in Los Angeles. And many beauty guru is not the same, Mykie not limited to her own art in the creation

Awesome discovery: Missing skull from Shakespeare’s grave!400 years after his death


In an incredible revelation made by archaeologists who investigated Shakespeare’s grave. The experts concluded that there is a possibility that the skull has been stolen from trophy hunters over 200 years ago. The grave of Shakespeare is the inscription «cursed be he that moves

Twins sisters, sharing the same partner and want to be pregnant at the same time


Their story has been going around the world. The Lucy and Anna DeCinque are twin sisters from Perth Australia and have a common design that will surprise you. At the age of 30 who want to become mothers at the same time by the same man with whom they share their lives. Recently was invited