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Was your account hacked on Yahoo; What to do immediately!


The Yahoo announced another massive security breach in the accounts of its users, causing concern to all those who have been victims of hackers. According to company information, the theft far more than one hundred million accounts

Apple began selling wireless headphones AirPods


Wireless headphones AirPods, whose output has been assigned yet in October, finally appeared in the official Apple online store.American buyers, place your order in the coming days, headphones promise to deliver 22 December. Price

New Technology: The Future through the trends of virtual reality


After three years , it will be impossible to distinguish the difference between virtual and physical reality, according to the ten leading consumer trends for 2017 and subsequent years. The AI seems to play an important role in the coming

With these rings, you feel the Heart of your companion, Anywhere on the Planet!

While through the development, technology has given us unprecedented ways to communicate with each other throughout the world, nothing compares to being located next to the man you love. Those who have experienced relationships

New virus destroys iPhone


Link to video is actually a new virus that threatens the American giant Apple. When monitored by the mobile user, delay the operation of the device until it “crashes” completely … The Miaopai company video, which is the Chinese version

The first robot chef ready to cook


Eat a dish prepared by a robot worthy of a leader will soon be a reality for the general public. At least that is the ambition of the company Moley Robotics which must have formally tomorrow in England the prototype of the kitchen

Hyperloop, the fastest train in the world, tested soon


The entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla director, announced at the conference in Madrid xSpain a prototype of Hyperloop, the fastest train in the world, will soon be tested in California. This train would move at record

Dubai wants to transport its goods Hyperloop


One of the main port operators in the world, DP World Group, has invested $ 50 million in the hypersonic Hyperloop process. The group that manages the port of Dubai wants to use this means of futuristic transport to move containers

Yes, and it invented: Monitor Mobile, opens like an umbrella


Many of us with laptops often use an additional monitor, and various solutions have enabled us to file from the phone switch to the TV and it’s all fine as long as we are at home. But the monitors is not exactly practical tow, and televisions

Finally … how big is the Internet?


The Internet is constantly growing. But how big is he now? The Internet is constantly growing. But how big is he now? Answer quickly and accurately is impossible to give, not least because under the visible Internet, hiding a huge web “Underworld”,