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BlackBerry Mercury release date revealed with phone set to beat Galaxy S8 to launch


It could be 2007 again, with Nokia about to release one of the most eagerly awaited phones of the year and now BlackBerry teasing plans to drop a new device. With Mobile World Congress 2017 – the year’s biggest smartphone conference

Robosex in the big city


Sex robots and sex-bots are an integral part of science fiction. The idea of a robot as a sexual partner is actively promoted in modern films and television series – is enough to recall the painting “She” and “Out of the car,” and “The World

Two giant suns will soon collide – and you will see it from the ground


It does not require any telescope, when two suns collide in the space. When you look up at the stars at night, you might think that the space seems endless, but actually as colliding stars and planets far away from our planet all the time.

NASA will launch the telescopes to study black holes


The mission was named IXPE (a portmanteau of The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer -. ¬ęProbe for visualization by X-ray polarimetry ‘). It will consist of three orbital telescope, capable of measuring the polarization of the cosmic rays

LG PJ9: Officially the new hanging Bluetooth speaker


The LG will be in the first major exhibition of the year, CES 2017, which will open its doors in the early days of the new year. There has already announced that it will bring the LG K10, LG K8, LG K4, LG K3 and LG Stylus 3. Besides smartphones,

Kissenger: The gadget that allows you to send kisses from afar


A new gadget comes to bring people closer sending kisses from distance . The reason for Kissinger whose name results from the coupling of the words kiss (kiss) and messenger. The Kissinger has a surface of silicone , where more of

Advanced “garbage” puts the space debris


Japanese craft supply that was launched to the International Space Station carries a sophisticated collector “space junk” .The Kounotori 6 , is a whip length 700 m constructed of thin aluminum and steel wires . This accessory can change

Which mobile will not work anymore in WhatsApp


The WhatsApp, the popular messaging application, will soon cease to be supported by millions of smartphone in the world, yesterday announced the same company, prompting angry reactions of many users. The change, which will enter

Was your account hacked on Yahoo; What to do immediately!


The Yahoo announced another massive security breach in the accounts of its users, causing concern to all those who have been victims of hackers. According to company information, the theft far more than one hundred million accounts

Apple began selling wireless headphones AirPods


Wireless headphones AirPods, whose output has been assigned yet in October, finally appeared in the official Apple online store.American buyers, place your order in the coming days, headphones promise to deliver 22 December. Price