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NASA has created a virtual travel agency for exoplanets

The “travel agency” has been incorporated into NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration website dedicated to exploring planets outside of our solar systemAs every travel agent and every country knows, what will bring more tourists to one place is the excitement of

Fly Robofly, the first wireless robotic insect

Insect-sized flying robots, which are essentially microscopic drones (microdrones), move up their mechanical wagons For the first time, a robotic insect flew for a while in the air alone, without being attached to a cable. This is Robofly, who made a small

Robotics will allow us to manage our environment with four arms at a time


In the Inami Hiyama Laboratory at the University of Tokyo (Japan), together with the group Embodied Media of Keio University had the idea of presenting a very curious proposal within the field of robotics: some “extra arms” that provide any Person a

LG G6: Hello, screen!


LG has proven over the years that it is able to make some bold decisions with its top-of-the-range smartphones : from moving all the controls to the rear to curving the case or betting on a modular design. Not all of these bets have worked out well,

Apple prepares its car without driver


Apple usually arrive the last but tries to get better than the others. The first step to enter the race of the autonomous car was given in December last year, they asked DMV, the equivalent of the DGT of Spain, to start rolling on the roads of California with its

Samsung Galaxy S8 +, in-depth


If last year the attention of the manufacturers of smartphones was directed to the camera of their top models of range, now all their efforts have been turned on the screen: it seeks to reduce the frames to its minimum expression to get compact terminals

Robots ‘Terminator’! Russia’s project for developing new weapons systems in 2017


Robots ‘Terminator’! Video from youtube channel with the Russian project for the development of new weapons systems in 2017. An unpleasant surprise for the US Armed Forces In 2015, the company Mega Bots collected on Kick starter, more than

That’s impressive flying Q2S dolphin


You can watch the following video official of the company that launched the Hydrofoil Q2, and most recently the special version, Hydrofoil Q2S. Q2S comes with specially designed wing-shaped “C”, which allows gracefully sail rate of 6.5 knot

The most stunning news of the International Consumer Electronics Show


Every year in January in Los Angeles held the International Consumer Electronics Show (International Consumer Electronics Show), which settles trade organization Consumer Electronics Association. At this year’s exhibition is traditionally

Unexpected declassified information about the iPhone 8


One of the models of the next generation iPhone will have the ability to wirelessly charge the battery. To the electromagnetic wave from the inductive charger pass through the back cover, it is made of glass, writes GSM Arena with