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Mike Tyson will open sports academies worldwide network


Legendary American boxer Mike Tayson announced that it is launching a new large-scale project. Opens sports academies worldwide network. The first academy will open in Dubai before the end of this year. The legendary boxer has

Rafael Nadal won the tournament for the tenth time in Barcelona


Spaniard Rafael Nadal won the tennis tournament in Barcelona, the prize fund in excess of 2.3 million euros . In the final, Nadal competition (third seeded) defeated Austrian Dominic Tim (4) with the score 6: 4, 6: 1.  Nadal is the 10th time

Maria Sharapova complained of criticism from other athletes


Very soon, on April 26, one of the most acclaimed tennis players in the world Maria Sharapova once again come out on the court after a 15-month disqualification. The other day the sportswoman gave a frank interview to one of the French

Novak Djokovic fired just three coaches


The second-ranked Serb Novak Djokovic has terminated his relationship with coach Mariano Vaydor, a fitness coach and physiotherapist Gebhard Griechen, Miljan Amanovic. The decision to suspend cooperation was made after a detailed

Canadian Eugenie Bouchard admitted that many tennis players want her victory in the match against Sharapova


Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard admitted that many players privately wished her good luck before the match of the second round of the tennis tournament in Madrid against Russians Maria Sharapova. Bouchard beat Sharapova

New record for Cristiano Ronaldo


New record for Cristiano Ronaldo: the Portuguese striker of Real Madrid became the maximum historical achiever of the great European championships to mark this Saturday against Valencia his goal 367 in the different leagues in which he

Maria Sharapova: “Men are afraid of me”


Today, Maria Sharapova returned to tennis after a 15-month disqualification. It will happen at a tournament in Stuttgart, Germany, where Sharapova will fight against Italian Roberta Vinci. Recall that more than a year ago, the athlete

Messi: “I asked the shirt just to Zidane”


To those who will never ask the jerseys in his career, champion like Lionel Messi? Any player from the third category to the earliest levels of international football would like to keep as heirloom worn the jersey right from ‘Pulga’, he impregnated

Serena Williams left the tennis


The legend of the tennis sports Serena Williams taken aback his fans the news of her pregnancy. As it turned out, the woman managed to hide information about it for twenty weeks. Now the world’s best tennis player preparing for motherhood

Ronald’s response to rape charges: “It’s a journalist fiction”


CRISTIANO RONALDO is the last and biggest football star and he accused of rape, while Der Spiegel writes that the football star has paid $ 350,000 for silence. Ronaldo allegedly in 2010, a woman accused of raping him paid a huge sum of silence