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Maria Sharapova beat the second racket of the world


It seems that the sports career of 30-year-old Maria Sharapova is on the upswing again: the tennis player won the first round of the US Open, beating the second racket of the world – Romanian representative Simon Halep. Sharapova now only

Maria Sharapova told about the conflict with Serena Williams


Maria Sharapova explained the reason for the difficult relationship with Serena Williams. The media often wrote about this, but there was no confirmation from either side. And finally Maria Sharapova opened all the cards. In her new autobiography Unstoppable:

Maradona: “Its only Messi can not get the World Cup …”


The weakness of Lionel Messi to do something good with the national team of Argentina does not negate everything else that is offered in football, as mentioned by Ntiegko Marantona. The Argentinos Thrylos, a … explosive interview granted to the television

Family support Cristiano Ronaldo at the final Champions League


On Saturday, June 3, the final match of the Champions League, in which just two strongest teams of the season – “Real Madrid” and “Juventus”. The victory in the final game won Spaniards: to share the joy of triumph with the striker “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo could be imprisoned for tax evasion


It seems that the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo faces a prison sentence! The athlete may be sentenced to a 4-month imprisonment, as well as the obligation to pay a fine of EUR 8 million. In Portugal, the tax authorities have found evidence

A Spanish court has sentenced Lionel Messi to 21 months in prison


According to the newspaper El Pais, the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced Lionel Messi to 21 months in prison for tax evasion. The prosecutor’s office accused the country’s football and his father Jorge Horacio Messi is that they last for three years from

Mike Tyson will open sports academies worldwide network


Legendary American boxer Mike Tayson announced that it is launching a new large-scale project. Opens sports academies worldwide network. The first academy will open in Dubai before the end of this year. The legendary boxer has

Rafael Nadal won the tournament for the tenth time in Barcelona


Spaniard Rafael Nadal won the tennis tournament in Barcelona, the prize fund in excess of 2.3 million euros . In the final, Nadal competition (third seeded) defeated Austrian Dominic Tim (4) with the score 6: 4, 6: 1.  Nadal is the 10th time

Maria Sharapova complained of criticism from other athletes


Very soon, on April 26, one of the most acclaimed tennis players in the world Maria Sharapova once again come out on the court after a 15-month disqualification. The other day the sportswoman gave a frank interview to one of the French

Novak Djokovic fired just three coaches


The second-ranked Serb Novak Djokovic has terminated his relationship with coach Mariano Vaydor, a fitness coach and physiotherapist Gebhard Griechen, Miljan Amanovic. The decision to suspend cooperation was made after a detailed