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Trump’s strange habit of getting experts to respond: It’s so embarrassing


Nineteen ‘endless’ seconds. So long held Donald Trump to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s hand. According to the newspaper New York Post items the average political handshake just over six seconds. But after a meeting

Twitter laughs with glaring spelling mistake on Trump’s official inauguration photo


The US Library of Congress offered up yesterday morning an official inauguration photograph of President Donald Trump with a jumping misspelling for sale in the eye. Twitter noticed it, laughed himself a cherry and present disappeared

Putin is considering controversial ‘housewarming’ to Trump


Although there is a long time for Christmas, then Russian President Vladimir Putin already ready with a generous gift to his US counterpart Donald Trump. The gift is none other than ‘traitor’ Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden is a former

Donald, Melania and Ivanka Trump and her husband and children flew to Florida


Sometimes discuss serious issues are best in an informal environment. Therefore a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Donald Trump decided to make not in a strict environment of the White House in Washington, DC,

After defeat in court: Trump considering issuing new travel ban


A new decree on the ban on entry to the United States may be issued on Monday or Tuesday, if it becomes the solution. US President, Donald Trump, considering the issuance of a new decree to ensure that a controversial travel ban

Tonight: Burning defeat to Trump – Hillary rejoices


This he did when a federal appeals court in San Francisco decided to maintain the order that temporarily abolishes the president’s entry ban on citizens from seven countries, mainly Muslim. Donald Trump has otherwise been fighting

Trump at war with chain store: My daughter is being treated so unfairly


The chain Nordstrom has stopped selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. It has got business woman’s father, the US president, Donald Trump, to rush into a rage on Twitter. Not if it’s up to Donald Trump, and the clothing store chain will

Melania Trump wants to get from the publication Daily Mail $ 150 million


No one is allowed to offend the First Lady – or “yellow” press, nor respected publications, for example, such as the Daily Mail. Sue with this media outlet is going to Melania Trump. The wife of the 45th President of the United States will fight

Donald Trump will give the children of Prince William cowboy saddle


The new US president Donald Trump is getting ready for his first visit to the UK. Despite the protests of the British and the requirement to refuse to meet with the odious US president, Republican yet come to Albion. And come not with

How Donald and Melania Trump watched the Super Bowl 2017


Yesterday was one of the most important events in the United States – the annual final game for the championship of the National Football League United States, the Super Bowl (Super Bowl 2017.) According to tradition, all members of the