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Three more women accused Donald Trump of harassment: “His hands were everywhere!”


On the air of NBC, Jessica Lied, Rachel Crooks and Samantha Holvy accused Donald Trump of harassment! Girls demand that the US Congress begin an investigation against the president. “I participated in the contest in 2006,” says Holvi. – Once Trump came to our

Donald Trump answered the statements about the unhappy wife of Melania


President of the United States Donald Trump answered the appeared statements that Melania doubted her husband won the election. The Vanity Fair article also stated that Melanie did not in any way want to become the first lady and face all the responsibilities. Trump also denied rumors in his Twitter account. “Melania, our beautiful and hardworking First Lady,

How Donald Trump meant the end of this woman’s marriage


The American president Donald Trump appears to be the basis of a remarkable divorce. Lynn (37) and Dave (46) Aronberg from Florida put a point behind their marriage and the local socialite gave a special reason. Because she is a convinced Republican

“Donald Trump got five women offered in Russian hotel room”


According to NBC News Donald Trump received in 2013, from a Russian who was involved in a beauty contest in Moscow, the offer that five women would be sent to his hotel room. The story appeared in a testimony that Keith Schiller, Trump’s then bodyguard,

The network discussing the kiss of Donald and Melania Trump at a meeting in Korea


The Asian tour of Donald and Melania has just begun, and the presidential couple has already managed to get into all the news reports. And it’s not just the luxurious images of Mrs. Trump – the couple made the whole world talks about their uneasy relationship.

Melania Trump in a bright blue coat went with her husband to an official tour of Asia


Donald Trump and his wife Melanie began their 11-day tour of Asia, within which five countries intend to visit on an official visit. The presidential tour started in Washington, where the political leader and the first lady went to the journalists before

Donald Trump’s account on Twitter has been blocked


On Thursday, the 2nd of November, the former employee of the social network Twitter blocked the account of US President Donald Trump. Thus, a former employee of the state social Network, the day of his dismissal, decided to take revenge on employers.

Donald and Melania Trump celebrated Halloween in the White House


The White House turned into a ghost house the day before: the administration of Donald Trump decided not to violate the long-standing traditions laid down by previous presidents, and have a good time in Halloween. It all started on Friday, when Trump met

What Hillary Clinton wanted to say to “creep” Donald Trump


Last night, Hillary Clinton was a guest at Graham Norton, the presenter of the popular British BBC talk show wearing his name. She talked about how bad she felt during last year’s presidential debates, what she should have told “creep” Donald Trump and how

“You fat fat liar”: Trump under fire after pronouncement about fallen soldiers


“Previous presidents almost never bothered to call relatives of soldier soldiers.” The quote Donald Trump launched yesterday will chase him for a while. World leaders like Barack Obama and George Bush did indeed provide the necessary initiatives to comfort themselves