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After grabbing accusations: Trump starts investigation against Obama

US Congress has been asked to investigate whether Barack Obama ordered an interception by Donald Trump during the election campaign last year. The request has come, the day after President Trump in a series of postings on Twitter

Refusing to stand up: Trump nominated for major international award by unknown person


This year nominated 318 people to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. And among them is America’s new president, Donald Trump. It is the second year in a row that Trump has been nominated for the peace prize. This is the

Memories of Barack and Michelle Obama are estimated at $ 60 million


Just over a month ago, the 44th US President Barack Obama has conceded its place 45th – Donald Trump. Obama has moved away from political affairs and for the first time in a long time had the opportunity to enjoy a good rest in the

Trump: “Our defense is bigger, better and stronger than ever Nobody will bother us, nobody.”


President Donald Trump’s Congress to demand a large budget for one of the biggest military build-up operations in American history, at a conference of conservative activists (CPAC) Trump said that the army both offensive and defensive

Trump’s new legislation had deported Melania


The US president Donald Trump has been busy changing the law in a number of areas – including immigration. January 25 printed Donald Trump a decree, which among other things was that the authorities should give priority to

U-turn from Trump: I am entirely in favor of EU


President Donald Trump says that he is “fully committed” to the EU as a ruling body. “It’s wonderful,” said the US president. The opinion is strong in contrast to previous statements from Trump on European Union. Trump supported

Trump has again lashed out at FBI

president trump, trump and fbi

It is not the first time Trump pulls to the FBI. Last week, he has intelligence and the FBI accused of ‘illegal’ information to certain media by playing. This mixing services in politics, Trump complained when on Twitter. He reiterated

Donald and Melania Trump predict divorce


Thanks to Donald Trump’s wife Melania acquired its new status – the status of the first lady of the country. But as far as it was necessary, is another question. Earlier, smiling and contented life Melania against the background of recent events

Trump cancels decree on Obama’s transgender


American President Donald Trump plans to cancel an order the previous administration of the White House on transgender people in schools. About it reports to Reuters . In August 2016 the administration of former US head of Barack

Trump Family spends millions of dollars of public money on private travel


Donald Trump got on the helicopter Marine One, who was waiting for him Friday in the White House garden , hand in hand with two of his grandchildren, the eldest sons of his daughter Ivanka. She and her husband, presidential aide Jared