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Melania Trump does not shake hands with her husband and put him in an awkward positionMelania Trump does not shake hands with her husband and put him in an awkward position


Just yesterday, Donald and Melania Trump stayed in Saudi Arabia and today the presidential couple arrived in Israel. Here the couple is waiting for a full program, but in the meantime all the family to discuss the scene played out at the airport.

Melania, Donald and Ivanka Trump in Saudi Arabia


During the business visit of the new US president, whose inauguration took place at the beginning of the year, accompanied by his wife Melania, Ivanka and her husband. The first item on the official program of family Trump became a stop

Ivanka Trump does not pay wages to their workers


Ivanka Trump recently got a list of the most influential people in the world according to the magazine Time, but nevertheless was implicated in the scandal. Today it became clear that the daughter of the president, which has its own brand

Emmanuel Macron stood up for their 64-year-old wife

Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Macron wife, Emmanuel Macron old wife, french president

Emmanuel and Brigitte Makron – one of the most talked about couples of recent months. Due to the fact that Madame Macron older than her husband for 24 years, many people do not believe in love the new president and the first lady

Ex-NSA spy: “Trump will be driven from White House because of ties with Russians”

white house, president trump, trump with russians

President Donald Trump could be forced to resign by the research that goes into the tires of his close associates with Russia. That allows John Schindler, former NSA intelligence analyst (National Security Agency). Schindler, security expert and

Trump: “The first 100 days of my best government in the history of our country”


Republican Donald Trump resides today hundred days in the White House. In his weekly address, he said that time about the most successful in American history. “I really think the first 100 days of my government about the most successful

Additional bill to protect Trump is 800 million

donald trump, trump expensive, trump bill expensive

120 million US dollars or 817 million kroner, So much extra is the US Congress ready to push off to protect President Donald Trump and his family. The money is in addition to the large amounts already used to protect the president. The newspaper

Donald Trump: “Being president is more difficult than I thought”

Donald Trump, president Donald Trump

The other day, the current US president gave a frank interview, in which he admitted that he did not expect that the work of the head of state would be so heavy, “Being president was much harder than I thought. I like what I’m doing now,

Trump will tighten visa rules for foreign workers


US President Donald Trump, on Tuesday signed a presidential order which opens to a tightening of visa rules for foreign workers. We will send a strong signal that we must protect our workers, protect our jobs and put the United States

Ivanka Trump received a post in the White House


Just last week it became known that Ivanka Trump had his own office in the West Wing of the White House. This message has caused an incredible stir in the press; recently no relative of the President, especially daughter, did not receive