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Donald Trump has blocked Stephen King on Twitter


Everyone knows that the new president of the United States, Donald Trump does not like criticism. From that moment, as a Republican became head of state, “the king of horror” Stephen King admits regularly taunts at him, and this was the reason

Melania Trump moved to the White House


Since the inauguration of Donald Trump and his wife Melania son Barron lived separately from him in the Trump Tower in New York City. The first lady refused to move into the White House in Washington before the summer holidays, because I believe that

Melania and Barron Trump finally moving to Washington


The US first lady Melania would move to the White House in Washington with son Barron next week. That report different American media. Donald Trump has been since the beginning of this year President of the United States, but his wife and youngest

The network discussing the mysterious word from Donald Trump on Twitter


President Donald Trump never ceases to amaze network users. A few days ago at the Trump page appeared the following entry: Despite the constant negative pressure … After these words, the US president added the word covfefe, which can

Comedienne under fire after pictures of decapitated Trump


The American comedienne Kathy Griffin, an ardent opponent of Donald Trump, is under fire yesterday after she posted a picture on Twitter in which she holds a bloody head Trump. The photo shoots both supporters and opponents

Meeting the most talked about first ladies: Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron in Brussels


The world’s media tirelessly discuss the two most vibrant first ladies: First Lady of the United States and his wife Melania Trump French leader Brigitte Macron. Each release of the two of them becomes an event and attracts the attention of the public

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron first met in Brussels


39-year-old Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election in France three weeks ago and is now starting to develop relationships with other politicians around the world. A great opportunity to meet new people has become an event in Brussels,

Melania Trump does not shake hands with her husband and put him in an awkward positionMelania Trump does not shake hands with her husband and put him in an awkward position


Just yesterday, Donald and Melania Trump stayed in Saudi Arabia and today the presidential couple arrived in Israel. Here the couple is waiting for a full program, but in the meantime all the family to discuss the scene played out at the airport.

Melania, Donald and Ivanka Trump in Saudi Arabia


During the business visit of the new US president, whose inauguration took place at the beginning of the year, accompanied by his wife Melania, Ivanka and her husband. The first item on the official program of family Trump became a stop

Ivanka Trump does not pay wages to their workers


Ivanka Trump recently got a list of the most influential people in the world according to the magazine Time, but nevertheless was implicated in the scandal. Today it became clear that the daughter of the president, which has its own brand