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CIA believes that Russia has more than one sex video with Donald Trump


The CIA believes that Russia is in possession of more than one sex video in which a leading role for elected president Donald Trump. BBC Washington correspondent Paul Wood says he has sources who say that Russia evidence holds that

Trump threatens net-and goes in war of words with CNN journalist


BuzzFeed going to feel the consequences of bringing the report put Trump in bad light, he says. New York. Donald Trump goes to war with several American media during a news conference just a week before he takes over as US president.

Trump wants Congress for money wall on border with Mexico, “let alone advance”


The transition team of US President-elect Donald Trump made it clear to the Republican leaders in Congress that he wants Congress pay for the Trump wall between Mexico and the United States wants to build. That report Republican

Trump pulls son-in to the top job: He must make


It has long been rumored that the future US president will choose the son in law to the influential post. Donald Trump appoint the son in law Jared Kushner as senior adviser. He will advise the incoming US president of trade agreements

Trump called Meryl Streep overvalued after criticism


Donald Trump is similar in harsh terms again at criticism from Hollywood star Meryl Streep, who among other things has condemned the upcoming President’s imitation of a disabled journalist. In a response to Streep attacks against

New Report: Putin is behind the hacker attacks against the presidential election


US intelligence agencies have released a previously-classified report on Russian hacker attacks against the United States during the presidential election. President Vladimir Putin tried to help Trump, the report said, though determines

Trump berserk on Twitter: Going to war with the media, Clinton and Schwarzenegger

According to the future president must bordering Semur that Americans will behave, still paid by Mexico. America’s next president, Donald Trump, wrote in a tweet that the money that Americans spend on building a wall on the border

Obama gives farewell speech in Chicago on January 10


The outgoing US President Barack Obama wants to give a farewell speech, as the White House announced on Tuesday, January 10th. It is expected that he will focus it on his legacy as leader of the US Obama will give a speech in

Trump warns North Korean dictator: ‘It’s not going to happen!’


The future US president warned Monday night Danish time North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The diplomatic terms was put aside as Donald Trump, in a direct contact Kim Jong-un, wrote on Twitter: ‘North Korea has just announced

Donald Trump tweeted bizarre New Year greeting: Happy New Year, enemies!


Have the upcoming presidential Trump outdone itself in pettiness? The critics believe that frowning at another odd tweet of the Trump. This time, because he wants a happy New Year and lots of love for his enemies. The New Year’s tradition,