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Donald Trump admitted that he paid the porn actress for the silence after the betrayal

In early March, pornographic actress Stormy Daniels said that she had an intimate relationship with the US president Donald Trump after he married his wife Melania. According to the girl, her representatives Trump paid 130 thousand

Brigitte Macron said that Melania Trump lives in a confinement

Quite recently French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte visited Washington and spent time with Donald and Melania Trump. According to the Frenchwoman, the life of the first lady of the US is much harder than it seems at first glance.

Try – torture: Melania Trump has repeatedly tried to escape from her husband

For several months on the Net and the media are discussing Donald Trump ‘s treason to his wife Melania. According to insiders, the only reason Melania has not divorced her husband is their son Barron. Recently it was confirmed by the official representative

Bold caricature: New York Magazine portrayed Donald Trump as a pig

The new cover of the American magazine New York Magazine turned out to be rather scandalous – the edition portrayed US President Donald Trump in the image of a pig, accompanied by a photograph of the inscriptions: Not a conspiracy. Not incompetence.

“I did not want him to pay for sex”: an interview with the mistress Donald Trump

Western media continue to insist – Donald Trump has changed Melania with porn actress Stormy Daniels. The other day the portal In Touch Weekly released an interview with the alleged mistress of the US president, which was recorded before she was

Against the background of rumors about the unbearable life in the White House, Melania Trump showed a happy photo with her husband

Melania Trump seems to have decided to dispel rumors that she does not like life in the White House. In the picture, the presidential couple poses against the background of the snow-covered southern lawn of the White House. The photo was

Donald Trump dismisses Ivanka and Jared Kushner

Donald Trump is actively revising his team in the White House, and under the “reduction” can get his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner . Ivanka and Jared occupy the posts of advisers in the administration of the US president ,

To be a divorce? Melania and Donald Trump look like strangers to each other people

Journalists do not quibble: will Donald and Melania Trump divorce? So, the editors of the Hollywood Life edition contacted an expert in kinesics to evaluate the latest joint photos of the spouses and commented on what really happens between them.

Donald and Melania Trump arrived in Australia

Trump continue to refute information about a possible divorce – on the background of rumors about the rupture, they went to Australia on an official visit. Yesterday the spouses appeared at a reception with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Justin Trudeau visited Taj Mahal with his family

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visited the Taj Mahal on Sunday morning with family members. The photos of the Taj Mahal accompanied by wife and children took photos. Trivedi arrived in Delhi on Saturday for a seven-day