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So are the mad again: Melanias body language makes the web go wild speculation


Ever since Donald Trump took over the title as the US President, there have been extremely high media profile of the 70-year-old gentleman and his family. Especially the first lady Melania has appeared much in the media. Most often because

“Trump feels trapped in the White House”


He’s only a month officially as president to work, but reportedly Trump feels now not so well in the White House. One

New ban from Trump applies to the same seven countries as before


A new version of President Donald Trumps suspended the travel ban shows that people from the same seven countries that were covered by the first ban still will not have access to the United States. Thus, citizens from Iraq, Iran,

Trump opens new attack on media


US President Donald Trump has once again lashed out at the media at a press conference. That would “unfair” reports about the “exactly tuned machine” that his government, according to him. The leaks in recent weeks were distributed,

Trump comes next week with new ‘entry ban’


It being replaced by judges torpedoed entry ban for people from certain Muslim countries next week by another measure. This said the US president Donald Trump today at a short press conference. Trump picks up next week with

Donald Trump was captured by a tennis player: “It is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life!”


The most powerful man on the planet believes that Ana Ivanovich is “the most beautiful woman in the world”, according to the British “The Sun”. The source noted that Trump expressed admiration for the best friend of our tennis

Melania Trump first official visit to the White House


Since the inauguration of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump’s been a month, but his wife Melania Trump only yesterday for the first time officially appeared in the White House, which is located in Washington.

Melania Trump hates her role as first lady


The new US first lady Melania Trump was reported to be difficult dissatisfied with her role as first lady It tells the stylist and friend Phillip Bloch to the American media US Weekly . “This life was not her dream. It was Donald (Trump, ed.),

Ivanka Trump condemned for a photo in the presidential chair


After the election of Donald Trump, the new president of the USA all the members of his family, and especially daughter Ivanka, came under particular public scrutiny. Any, even the slightest mistake turns into a nationwide scandal.

“Even Republican senators fear that Trump is mentally ill. Or worse”


Even Donald Trump party members in the Senate fear that the president is mentally ill. That suggests Democratic Senator Al Franken in an interview with CNN: “The concern of some Republicans in the Senate stems from the suspicion