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Melania Trump combines a military-bomb with boats


If for someone the last days of summer and mean a vacation, it is definitely not for the presidential family. Yesterday, the family of Donald Trump returned from a country house after the weekend, and today he and his wife poisoned themselves in Texas

And Megan will be? Melania Trump appointed Prince Harry to meet in Toronto


Melania Trump will visit Toronto in September on her first foreign single visit as First Lady. Also in the capital of Canada will come and Prince Harry, who will open the Games of the Unconquered (international sports competitions of the military,

Brigitte Macron met with Rihanna in the Elysee Palace


The second day this week, the first lady of France accepts guests from the world of show business dedicated to her time of humanitarian work in the official residence. On Monday, Brigitte Macron met in Paris with Bono, discussing the problems of poor

New exit of Donald and Melania Trump for the first time after vacation


After a business visit to France last week, Donald and Melania Trump decided to hide for a short while to rest from reporters and news reports, having arranged a week-long vacation . However, yesterday the spouses visited the annual rally in

The first lady of Japan for almost two hours hid knowledge of English, so as not to talk with Donald Trump


The New York Times newspaper published an interview with Donald Trump, in which he spoke about the G20 summit held in Hamburg. During dinner, the American president sat next to the wife of the Japanese prime minister and, recalling this meeting,

The network discussed along Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron on the Day of the Bastille


July 14, is the French national holiday – Bastille Day. On this day every year military parade held on the Champs Elysees. This year, the solemn march arrived in US to meet President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump, who were previously invited by

Vladimir Putin and Melania Trump at the G20 summit


Yesterday, in the framework of the G20 summit took place the first personal meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald and Melania Trump. Russian President and First Lady shook hands and, as noted by the German media, made a good impression on each other.

Melania Trump in a blue dress of Esteban Cortázar in the White House


A new way – a new wave of discussion: Melania Trump again surprised his outfit all of America, once again proving that it is – the most stylish first lady. A picnic for the military, organized in honor of US Independence Day on the White House lawn, wife of Donald Trump

Melania and Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and his family at a picnic in Congress, the White House


Yesterday afternoon, June 22, the White House hosted the annual picnic of the Congress. For Donald and Melania Trump traditional party became the first as US president and first lady. Especially for the event lawn residence of the US President was decorated at

Marco Rubio jokes with the photo of the failed hug Ivanka Trump


Social networks unleashed on Tuesday when a photo of Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump was released that shows Rubio coming in to give a hug to the president’s daughter outside the Capitol and she seems to refuse. Twitter users compared