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Donald and Melania Trump, even in the same house sleep in different bedrooms


Since Donald Trump taking office, US President of his family is under the scrutiny of journalists who have repeatedly written about the “strange behavior “the youngest son of the president, criticized his daughter and wife. First Lady Melania

Ivanka is not employed by the White House – now she gets access to US secrets


Donald Trump’s 35-year-old daughter still closer to power in the White House, Ivanka Trump has no official title during his father’s administration, but in the future she will have access to classified information. It informs Ivanka Trump’s

Huge defeat for Trump: Court blocks new ban

The visa ban would be in force Thursday. It is the second time that a court comes in the way of a presidential decree on the ban on entry for citizens of countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The first entry ban was suspended

Ivanka Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent the evening on Broadway

Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Ivanka Trump, as we know, has been actively involved in the presidential activities Trump, who trusts her daughter in political matters more than the White House advisors. Ivanka supports his father in the tactics of action with respect

Court refuses to block Trump’s new entry ban


The US president, Donald Trump, revised travel ban for citizens from six countries, after just a few days it was suspended. Judge James Robert from the District Court in Seattle Friday refused to make a decision it was Robert, who

Ivanka Trump’s brand big seller after Donalds anger

Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Trump bussiness, Ivanka Trump brand

Following President Donald Trump lashed out at the store chain, is selling her daughter’s fashion exploded. Washington DC. Online Sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion shot up in February after the North American store chain Nordstrom

Americans can visit White House again and Trump surprised them at first row … under Hillary Clinton portrait


American President Donald Trump is now completely installed in the White House and therefore may bring Americans since visited again today at the Residence. Trump surprised the first group to emerge halfway round … just

Hawaii will pull Trumps new entry ban in court

trump, visa ban

The visa ban against six countries is being challenged by the state of Hawaii, who calls it a new Muslim ban. The US state of Hawaii says Tuesday that it will try to get suspended President Donald Trumps new entry ban in court. The new

Large plan unveiled: Can put Obama’s greatest political achievement in gravel


The Republican members of the House of Representatives on Monday unveiled a bill to repeal the key points of the health care reform Obamacare. The proposal involves, among other things a halt to the expansion of the government

They met at the club, Donald came there with his girlfriend

A million models each year went to America in search of success, but only Melania met billionaire who became president, he began to Fire story about first lady of the United States. The Slovenian journalist and writer, author of the