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Trump: “Some journalists will not get access to press briefings White House”


The future US president Donald Trump wants to restrict access to the regular press conferences in the White House tapes. His staff did the briefings because of space shortage move to another room, but the press had opposed against it.

Trumps unpredictable Twitter use can be dangerous for the US


Donald Trump has not yet moved into the White House, but the future US president has already stated that he will be writing from his private Twitter profile. And Trump’s decision to continue can be dangerous. It assesses Louise Roug,

World famous singer would perform for Trump – then he got death threats


It is not because the musicians have been queuing up to perform at Donald Trump’s insertion celebration as the next US president. And several artists who actually had a desire to act, have reportedly received death threats. The Italian opera

“Miss Hungary 2013” Kata Sarka, “Donald Trump offered me to spend the night with him in a hotel in Moscow”


The new president, Donald Trump – he was still a lover of women. Model Sarka Kata, aka “Miss Hungary 2013,” told the audience the show “Automotive karaoke” that during the visit of a representative of the Republican Party of America

Trump airing nuclear plans: I will make a deal with Russia


Donald Trump will go for an agreement with Russia, the two countries reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the ‘very substantial’ degree. It says the future US president in an interview with the British newspaper The Times. The

Despite threats from Trump – BMW opens plant in Mexico


Donald Trump, who will be inaugurated as US president on Friday, warns German car manufacturers that he’s going to put a 35 per cent. import tax on cars built in Mexico and exported to the United States. Despite it keeps BMW firmly

At Melania Trump is a private dressing room in the White House


Inauguration Donald Trump held a week later. After the ceremony, the newly policies will move into the White House in the status of the new US president. That’s only with Donald in Washington did not go his beloved wife Melania.

Trump began with a Twitter attack – one thing he had underestimated


Saturday was Donald Trump at the keys again – and with two tweets cleared Trump top of the covers of virtually every national US news sites. In two updates Donald Trump lashed out after Democrat John Lewis, a member of the House

Wild rumors Trump: Is this the beginning of the end of his presidency?


If the rumors about Trump’s connection to Russia is true, it could have serious consequences for the future president. A political witch hunt, a malicious forgery or a new Watergate scandal? Donald Trump is not even moved into

Nicole Kidman defended Donald Trump: “We must support our President”


49-year-old Nicole Kidman speaks rarely about politics, preferring to hold an opinion on such sensitive issues with them. But then came a situation when an actress can not remain silent: the star of the film “Eyes Wide Shut” for the first