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Trump will tighten visa rules for foreign workers


US President Donald Trump, on Tuesday signed a presidential order which opens to a tightening of visa rules for foreign workers. We will send a strong signal that we must protect our workers, protect our jobs and put the United States

Ivanka Trump received a post in the White House


Just last week it became known that Ivanka Trump had his own office in the West Wing of the White House. This message has caused an incredible stir in the press; recently no relative of the President, especially daughter, did not receive

Donald Trump will be closed Modeling Agency


The current US president Donald Trump loves beautiful women. This is evident by the fact some women he chose as his wife, as well as the fact that he was the Owner of “Miss Universe”. Also at the disposal of Trump’s modeling agency

Ivanka Trump will become the official advisor to Donald Trump


That people are talking about the incomprehensible status of Ivanka Trump at the White House, her dad, the new US president Donald Trump appointed her as his official adviser. Now she, like her husband, Jared Kushner, on all the grounds

Trump will penalize trade cheating countries and companies


Donald Trump has Friday signed two new decrees, which according to the president should help eliminate unfair trade practices around the world and crack down on countries that are contributing to the huge US trade deficit. Thus

Trump will punish countries that cost the trade


US President Donald Trump, will later on Friday signed two decrees ordering that the countries that are responsible for a US trade deficit of nearly $ 50 billion, is appointed. It may be a warning to China, whose president, Xi Jinping, next

Trump can expect more problems after defeat


The health care reform should have replaced former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Associate Professor Jorn Brondal from Southern University suggests that the defeat stings extra because Obamacare

Donald and Melania Trump, even in the same house sleep in different bedrooms


Since Donald Trump taking office, US President of his family is under the scrutiny of journalists who have repeatedly written about the “strange behavior “the youngest son of the president, criticized his daughter and wife. First Lady Melania

Ivanka is not employed by the White House – now she gets access to US secrets


Donald Trump’s 35-year-old daughter still closer to power in the White House, Ivanka Trump has no official title during his father’s administration, but in the future she will have access to classified information. It informs Ivanka Trump’s

Huge defeat for Trump: Court blocks new ban

The visa ban would be in force Thursday. It is the second time that a court comes in the way of a presidential decree on the ban on entry for citizens of countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The first entry ban was suspended