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Big, plush, your history Stepan bear who lives in the Russian family


It is unlikely that someone will seem appetizing idea to sit down with the brown bear weighing 136 kg. But in Russia, there is a family that does so every day, and the bear has become a part of their daily lives. At first glance, Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko look like an ordinary

This is the most unique Zoo around the world. Once you see it, you will understand!

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If you like to visit the wildlife but despair at the idea that they live crammed within artificial fences, you must visit the Zoo Lehe Ledu in China. The unique garden recognize they have usurped the natural habitats of the animals, thereafter the visit is – in a safe protected

She gave up her daughter in 1980 – 36 years later tells her sister the unthinkable


She made a heartbreaking choice when she gave her newborn baby from her. But even though she was not a part of her life, the child always in her thoughts. When she heard about her sister’s new job, it did not take long before all the pieces fell into place. Wendy was 19 years old when

Cold-blooded, but loving pet: Monitor lizard – a great pet


Maybe the reptiles do not seem quite so cute pets, but this is glamorous animal is ready to compete for the title of “the most devoted and attentive pet.” Savannah Monitor lizard named Manuel spends with his mistress almost all the time – day and night, he sleeps in bed under

Photos: which prove that the fighting cats values size does not


Cats are not just cute and fluffy, but also angry and pugnacious. Yes, yes, do not forget that nature has given to cats’ sharp claws and fangs! And in general – is an animal by nature a predator. Therefore, very often like Mike Farley to find out who they are most important. Moreover,

The great moment of ‘headless’ eagle


There are times and all the lens seems perfect, when someone presses the button of the camera setting changes, causing sometimes surprising results. This happened while the Mark Drysdale was attempting to send a picture of two eagles in Chobe Botswana. Once I took the photo one eagle

The mystery of the Roman catacombs: ancient skeletons, covered with precious stones


The Catholic Church carries a lot of secrets. One of them – with a lot of skeletons of jewelry found in the catacombs of Rome. Scientists believe that this discovery can tell a lot about the lifestyle of religious leaders in the distant past. In 1578 deep under the streets of Rome’s first underground

He shot himself in the head … and yet lived!


Oscar nonsense claiming a young man filming himself engaged in a game of “Russian roulette”. Lying in his bed, pointing a gun himself and presses the trigger … but there is no round in the chamber. The second time, however, the gun firing … and the bullet passes scratch his head and

This woman has the body of which all men dream


Her name is Yeon Woo Jhi and is originally from South Korea . To see her pretty face, it is expected to be just as surprised by the rest of her body. In fact, when we discover its silhouette, it is indeed surprised, but not in the way that is generally expected. Her angelic smile and her face with delicate

The buried alive and survived. (Sensational Story)


Michelina Lewandoska: The buried alive and survived In January 2012 one Polish immigrant, described in a British court hall absolute horror experienced when her partner and father of her child decided to get rid of in the most inhumane way. in collaboration with his mistress, the tied hand and