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True MIRACLE 3 Lions save the life 12 year old girl kidnapped and tortured 7 Men


Women living in Ethiopia face a very harsh reality. They live with the fear of the kidnap, rape will, or will force them to marry. According to NBC News, about 70% of girls in Ethiopia forced to marry after abduction, and live in poor areas

Bear at the wedding: See Incredible Photos of Wedding that makes the rounds of the Internet

amazing wedding, bear, bear at wedding

Usually at a wedding at the center are the groom and the bride. However, a couple overshadowed by a big brown bear, who was invited to take part in their special day. By Denis and Nelya, both 30 years old from Moscow Russia, hired

British woman is crowned the youngest woman with Beard


Harnaam Kaur is not a handsome young metrosexual man with a beard, but a 24-year-old young woman with real beard. With her unusual headdress is why it took the model from Berkshire in England the new book of Guinness World

The dangerous selfies risk taker. Once you see them, you will gasp for breath!


This is Angela Nikolau, a Russian self-taught and risk taker photographer, which attracts the most dangerous selfie world. The Angela constantly seeks new challenges and adventures and never forgets to pull a selfie (or ask someone to photograph

Dare you? China opens world’s highest glass bridge

The Chinese beat the course, not just one, but two records when they recently opened a new glass bottom bridge. For the bridge that hangs between two rock formations in Zhangijajie National Park, is both the world’s longest and highest of its kind. It measures

Korean twins seem unrecognizable after plastic surgery


Nowadays plastic surgery are commonplace and can not surprise anyone. Yet some transformations continue to amaze us, writes Express. As the two twins from South Korea whose names do not even know. However, they are participating in a popular

24-year-old bodybuilder known as Hulk: he will fight against IS


24-year-old Sajad Gharibi from Iran is better known as the ‘Iranian Hulk’. He is a weightlifter and has nearly 130,000 followers on her Instagram account. And now he joins into the fight against the Islamic State. Sajad Gharibi is really good at lifting weights. So much

Photoshop with celebrities: Amazing photos of Lorenz Valentino with stars


Lorenz Valentino is an actor and see his photos, it’s even a great actor. In addition, he has a real talent for graphic designer: he masters the Photoshop software. He presents himself as the friend of VIP and edit celebrities photos with photoshop great job. He shares their intimate

She slept every night with her snake until her veterinarian told her this!


We love it like something different. View Pets Ultimately, it is the dog around the Pool. Pool of cats together, right but there’s a reptile as a pet python to her lover of many people. Some people kiss, fondle my sleep disturbed. But if you are confident that the snake reared tame

The best optical illusion ever created with makeup


It is amazing but true, look at what makes this artist Koreana to create the best optical illusion. The latest example is the best. Dain Yoon , an artist from South Korea only 22 years makes the best optical illusions with makeup on her face and body. Use watercolor and highlights