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Giant anaconda recorded in Jungle Ecuador


Huge anaconda with a length of more than 5.18 meters and lives deep in the Amazon jungle, was revealed in a documentary of BBC. The Gordon Buchanan presents three episodes documentary entitled «Tribes, Predators and Me» which will be shown on BBC Two on Saturday and

A white lion and a white tiger about babies. The result; Amazing!


What happens if a white lion and a white tiger mate? How are the babies? Thanks to this loving couple have the answer. Their babies are really adorable and of course .. ultra rare! Called Leontotigreis and because the lion-father introduces a gene that promotes the development, but the bond of growth inhibiting gene

Interesting facts about Antarctica


Today we have gathered for you interesting and little-known facts about the remote southern mainland – the high, dry, windy, cold, and sparsely place on earth. One time in Antarctica could not work for those who are not removed wisdom teeth and appendix. Due to the fact that at the Antarctic stations were not made surgical

Impressive where modern man respected nature

trees, tree-houses, planting-trees 

Earth is magnificent this place we call home. It is our duty to protect nature and to treat with love and respect, so as to maintain the beauty and health as we can. Although this is a great challenge for all mankind, we must start from somewhere. To plant a tree for example, or at least to stop the cut. We found and we present 15 beautiful

The Gigantopithecus disappeared due to environmental changes


There was in fact King Kong! It was a primate hominid, the Gigantopithecus that disappeared from Earth before one million years because of inability to adapt to environmental changes, say the scientists. Having height 2.3 meters and a weight of 200 to 500 pounds, it was the largest ape-like in the history of the earth. As the remains that have

Swimming with stingrays


Deep in the sea Swimming with stingrays! Some models have recently or had very exotic photo shoot. The shoot took place at the bottom of the sea with the prop several stingrays. This species is found only in tropical waters and is renowned for its ‘spine’. The 55-year-old photographer Christian Coulombe shot the ‘magical’ pictures near

Millions of people at risk of hunger in 2016


Millions of people will be faced with the specter of food shortages and water in early 2016, as drought and floods destroy crops and put a strain on humanitarian organizations internationally already warn that struggle to meet existing needs. Extreme events that caused this year the weather phenomenon El Niño, which the United

This tree is proof that life always finds a way


A giant floating awe the strength and persistence of the locals call it “The tree of life.”Fully exposed roots, feed it with life despite the fact that there is no ground in the base, which makes it considered one of the natural wonders in the area. Located north of the seaside National Park in Kalaloch Lodge in Washington and overlooks a small cave