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Winter landscape fairy-tale lakes


Winter Idyll our natural treasure stands fantastic and this is very much recognized and decided to record these fantastic photos that you can see in our gallery. About Plitvice Lakes we certainly should know the basic information: it consists of 16 lakes

This is the tallest waterfall in the world


The Waterfall Salto Angel Located in Venezuela and is the highest in the world. Its height is 979 meters and the water fall to 870 meters. Located on the edge of the plateau Auyan-Tepui in Canaima National Park, a monument of Unesco

Did you know that air pollution affects the health and intelligence?


Air pollution is harmful both for the environment and for all organisms living in that environment. It can cause harmful effects on health, even reducing the intelligence. Fortunately, the air cleaner can affect. There are many sources

The nature erupted with rage and our breath away


All admire nature. We were fascinated by peaceful and protective image of Mother Nature when we close. Of course, not always so peaceful. Many times is really bad mood and has a way to break out on us, either with strong storms, or bizarre

THIS is the largest tree ever recorded in a photo. Once you see the Age, will miss!


On the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas in California is a very special tree. The forests of California is known for their trees, but it is so special that even has a nickname. The locals call “President”. And until now we had not seen the

Results were obtained 44 countries, 80 scientists to investigate the 30 million trees around the world are moving a little


Anywhere in the world the kind of wood more diverse and more prosperous forest is proved by the fact that the first large-scale study. Notice shall be uncovered universal power of diversity in science.

The most deadly garden in the world

garden, poison plants, poison garden, deadly garden

Locked behind a black metal gate in Northumberland, England, the Poisonous Garden at Alnwick Castle cultivates about 100 deadly plants. Since the deadly nightshade by hemlock, the requirement to take root in this garden a plant is to

Moon increases the risk of earthquakes on Earth

The risk of earthquakes is influenced by how the Moon are in relation to Earth. There is a greater risk that big earthquake hits the earth, when there is full moon and new moon, and tidal power is greatest. The study is published in the journal

Immediate punishment to Beast Hunters: decapitated and mutilated wretches Lions


Two white lions were poisoned by poachers in South Africa, and then proceeded to decapitation and amputation of their limbs. Cats, who were in captivity on a farm in South Africa’s Limpopo, found dead on Friday. It is believed that the lions were targeted by poachers as part

Attention! There is an Ordinary Insect but most dangerous

insects, dangerous insects

Such insects may look sweet and innocent, but only that it is not. These small creatures actually act parasitically and
sometimes fatal, since they help the spread of Chagas virus in animals and humans. More and more people in South America and the US are confronted with this rare parasitic