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Suzuki Hayabusa 2018 Fresh with New Color

Suzuki Hayabusa 2018 comes with two new color choices but no mechanical changes from this bike. Suzuki is scheduled to release Hayabusa’s latest model at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2018 event. The 2018 Suzuki Hayabusa will come with a fresh look.

“Great Escape” The BMW bike for the next 100 years


Called the “Great Escapeā€, the concept of BMW – VISION NEXT 100 motorcycles definitely “run” and breaks the concepts and ideas. And creates unlimited world distances and speeds “riders” on the roaring machines. Once presented

Extraordinary BMW R7 motorcycle


This amazing BMW R7 Motorcycle has been described as “one of the most important, innovative and visually stunning motorcycles ever produced.” Although this bike was designed more than 70 years ago, it could be almost a Contemporary

Honda launches Honda CG110


Honda CG110 has a simple design similar to Honda Win suit road conditions, customer demand and fuel economy in Nigeria Photos showed bike equipped with headlights taper sleeve square, chrome front fender, front drum brakes later.



Motomel presented its quadricycle line, composed of six different models, with different motorizations, type of use and personalization options.

Quest 250 Carrier: For leisure or work, features a 250cc engine, mated to a 5 – speed with

2017 HERO Glamor Launches Made in Argentina


The Glamor model of the Hero brand is being renewed in 2017. The model with 125 cc engine capacity went on launch in Argentina in the past days. Glamor, which has two versions, carburetor and inject able, will be sold in Turkey