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The niche perfumes to wear for 2018, all luxury creations

Discover what are the niche perfumes to wear for 2018, the luxury creations signed by the most famous Maison in this sector: from fruity scents for the hot season to those spiced by the most intense notes, here are the best brand perfumes to buy for 2018.

Bear beats, the Art Toy five thousand euro of Belvedere Vodka limited edition


A bottle in l imited edition presented by Belvedere Vodka on the Croisette in Cannes is Beast Bear , Toy Art, designed by Jean-Roch and sold at a cost of five thousand euro . Presented in the store brand and VIP suite in Cannes, the special packaging

The best luxury day spa in the world is Italian


The best luxury day spa in the world is Italian and is called Elite Wellness Boutique . The structure was crowned during the World Luxury Spa Awards , the prizes awarded to the most prestigious Spas worldwide, chosen from thousands of candidates.

The most expensive and luxury perfumes in the world


The use of perfume or cologne smells wonderful in any location can be the difference between individuals. But have you ever wondered how the world’s most expensive perfume can be expensive! To answer this question in some of the most

The most beautiful luxurious gardens


If you love green and nature , you will certainly be charmed by this small selection of our most beautiful luxurious gardens. Why India to Japan , via Italy and other charming corners of the world , we have chosen for you some of the most picturesque

The most beautiful and luxury resorts in the world: do not miss


A journey through the most beautiful resorts in the world, the luxury hotel not to be missed to enjoy the best hospitality. Places where holidays become of the Dreams and the stay can only be memorable. Luxury 5 stars resorts with

The Katara Suite Hotel Gallia in Milan is the most beautiful and luxurious in the world


And ‘the winner of the World’s Leading Hotel Suite in 2016 and even the 2015 edition: the Katara Suite Hotel Gallia in Milan is the most beautiful and luxurious in the world . Displacing rooms such as the Presidential Suite at Atlantis The

Bill Gates became the richest in the history of businessman


The founder of Microsoft IT-giant Bill Gates has set a new record. Status businessman has exceeded $ 90 billion, thus making him the richest entrepreneur in history. Revenue Bill Gates was somewhat unstable in the years 2016 – apparently

The rich also cry. About how hard to fly business class


Tourists and business people who are able to travel first class, obtained from the airlines a variety of additional service options. For them, there is a separate registration procedure, they are waiting for your flight in a comfortable hall, simplified landing the plane, but inside they are waiting