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Looking for a way to add color to the home


If you are looking for ways to subtly add color to the home, this colorful Scandinavian apartment will surely inspire unique decorative elements that you can use in your own space. This four-room apartment in Gothenburg has 114 square

The new building of the WTO headquarters in Geneva


The building is in perfect harmony with the landscape and creates an organic link between the city and the park. New building is kept at a respectful distance from the main building of the WTO, the Centre William Rappard, which was opened

Hotel perfect for a holiday surrounded by nature


In an exclusive corner of the Costa Smeralda, where the beauty of Sardinia becomes even richer, located Pitrizza Hotel, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, where the bluest Mediterranean takes on the colors of the tropics. A private

Completed “God of War” epic statue weighs 1,320 tons


One would expect that a statue of the “God of War” will be characterized by epikotitas elements. But there is “epic” and there is imminent and this huge statue of Guan Yu, a famous general in Chinese history, later deified, is certainly epic.

Living room furniture in classic style


The living room is the central room in the house where we meet his dearest guests or indulge deserved rest. To achieve harmony is not a very easy task. The atmosphere should be as comfortable and representative. The classic style

Dubai started the construction of the tallest skyscraper in the world. See HOW will be!


Dubai starts the skyscraper construction, which is expected to exceed a height of the skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which has a height of 828 meters, and so far is the tallest building in the world.

AMAZING: Gigantic lamps of 9 Measures “bloom” whenever a passer passes beneath them!


The streets and public spaces of towns has always been a great opportunity to implement design ideas. The inhabitants of Jerusalem now have the opportunity to admire one of the most unusual project: giant 9-meter lamps adorn

Nihiwatu Indonesia: it looks like the best hotel in the world


Elite Island Resort in Indonesia has been recognized by the publication Travel + Leisure as the best hotel in the world in the annual ranking of the World’s Best Awards. Nihivatu (Nihiwatu), former refuge of surfers on the obscure island of Sumba, includes 8 villas

Playboy Mansion is on sale for $ 200 million


Playboy Mansion, the cottage where Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is organizing his parties, is for sale for $ 200 million. According to the source real estate brokers, the house however barely half, or 80 to $ 90 million worth. Interested buyers can visit the house, but the room Hefner remains closed to potential buyers, And who

The house, which cost EUR 63 million!


Can the price to buy one this house is quite large, but a walk inside explains costs. Of course, to have someone now money is no longer available for sale. The seven-bedroom mansion has expenditure for the outrageous sum of 63 million euros and is a real palace. Besides the ultimate in luxury living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms,