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Alien visitor amazing architecture: musical theater in Tbilisi


Before the authors of the project – the studio of the Italian Fuksas – task was not to spoil the historical ensemble of the Old Tbilisi, on the success of what we do not undertake to judge. However, the fact that the building turned visible

Perfect residences along the coast that realizes our dreams


Overlooking the Pacific Bay, a fantastic residence is located in the marina of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It is designed as an oasis for relaxation, this house has all possible facilities: eight bedrooms, a fitness center, a home theater and a terrace

Villa on the Mediterranean Sea in Spain


Villa El Portet is located on a narrow and elongated plot in the small seaside town of Moraira, Spain. The building area of 1246 square meters designed by Ramon Esteve Estudio . Architects managed to create a studio in house territory

Villa on the Mediterranean Sea


Design firm Nava Yavetz Architects presented modern villa on the Mediterranean plague in Ashdod, Israel. The design of the residence of 600 square meters, inspired by the sights and sounds of the sea, sand and a light breeze. The

Detached house on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel


House A was designed by architect Heidi Arad. Located on the Mediterranean Sea on the southern slope of Mount Carmel in Israel, the house is oriented to the spectacular landscape. The draft principles of sustainable architecture were

Apartments for $ 27.5 million in New York


Stunning apartments of 390 square meters and cost $ 27.5 million are located in New York, USA. Luxury residence with breathtaking views of Central Park and skyscrapers metropolis from a height of 305 meters consists of three bedrooms,

Looking for a way to add color to the home


If you are looking for ways to subtly add color to the home, this colorful Scandinavian apartment will surely inspire unique decorative elements that you can use in your own space. This four-room apartment in Gothenburg has 114 square

The new building of the WTO headquarters in Geneva


The building is in perfect harmony with the landscape and creates an organic link between the city and the park. New building is kept at a respectful distance from the main building of the WTO, the Centre William Rappard, which was opened

Hotel perfect for a holiday surrounded by nature


In an exclusive corner of the Costa Smeralda, where the beauty of Sardinia becomes even richer, located Pitrizza Hotel, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, where the bluest Mediterranean takes on the colors of the tropics. A private

Completed “God of War” epic statue weighs 1,320 tons


One would expect that a statue of the “God of War” will be characterized by epikotitas elements. But there is “epic” and there is imminent and this huge statue of Guan Yu, a famous general in Chinese history, later deified, is certainly epic.