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Insomnia stress: what to do if you can not sleep

Insomnia stress, sleepless,

Half of the adult population suffers from sleep problems. Lack of sleep makes you sluggish, it weakens the  immune system and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. How to deal with insomnia, experts advise.

DREAMS can reveal symptoms of the disease – even many years earlier

Psychologists agree that the messages of dreams should never be ignored, because precisely of them can read important information about future diseases. Likewise centuries folk tradition also says, reports Telegraph.

Placenta: eat or not eat? The controversial trend conquers the world

What tricks are not modern women in pursuit of perfect! At this time we will focus on the trendy method that became the United States this trend. Recently given birth to American celebrities vying to talk about a miracle means that as soon

Never do this by having your menstrual cycle

During the menstrual cycle, we may suffer some disorders are those that usually do much heavier these days. We manage to avoid suffering some symptoms, we must take into account many things that do not get to make any mistake,

Warning: E-cigarettes are just as harmful to your heart as regular cigarettes


I would not recommend them as a method to quit smoking, says the expert. The debate on the steamy e-cigarettes that many smokers resort to, have in recent years taken some twists. The big question seems to be whether electric cigarettes

The habits that take years of life


There are four habits, say Canadian researchers at the University of Ottawa, which remove about six years of life than the average person and responsible ca half of premature deaths. The four main unhealthy habits as smoking, poor diet, physical

Slimming for the lazy: With these tips to your desired weight!

Are you one of the people who spend their time on the couch rather than to go jogging in all weathers? Stresses you just the thought of going to the gym to train on display? Then we have the perfect everyday tips to lose weight. Dieting for Lazy – made

Warning to all women against the use of tampons

About a year ago, 27-year-old Larch Gold Mann admitted at Aalborg Hospital. She had been suffering from the life-threatening condition toxins shock syndrome – or toxic shock syndrome – which typically affects menstruating women.

Tattoos can cause cancer

A new study suggests that people with tattoos possibly a greater risk of getting cancer from the chemicals in the ink. The European Chemicals Agency warns that some inks used in tattoos may be toxic and wants to eliminate. Especially

Seven ways to burn more calories


If your metabolism running at full speed, you feel not only very energetic, but also burn calories more efficiently, you get thin easily. Your internal combustion engine thus started, namely the following tips