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How the fish will help to win wrinkles after 50 years

Dutch scientists were able to establish a pattern that will please many women. They examined a group of subjects aged 50 and found that a lack of smoking habits and a special diet helped women to protect the skin from wrinkles. And the diet is not so

9 nutrition recommendations that reduce cancer risk


Nutrition is one of the effective factors in cancer protection. For this reason, according to experts, at the beginning of the measures to be taken before facing cancer, balanced and healthy nutrition comes. In fact, foods contain cancer preventive

This is the best time of day to exercise!

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It may, for many this is not known, but according to researchers, the muscles of the human body have its own internal biological clock. This means that it is quite important when you choose someone to do gymnastics as the body

One egg a day reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke


Specialists from the US, studied the relationship between consumption of eggs and heart attacks and strokes, concluded that regular use of one egg per day reduces the risk of stroke by 12 percent. Scientists say that eggs are very



If you set out to lose a few extra kilograms after the holidays – the latest data from the US authorities in the field of science appeal to you heart. scientists from the University of Washington shows clearly: the use of wine is an effective

Water Sassi: an easy way to lose a few kilos


A dietitian Cynthia Sass developed a recipe for the drink , which would normalize the stomach and intestines , eliminates toxins and reduced flatulence. But it turned out , that the drink has a strong side effect – weight loss!

Why is exercise more efficient than rigorous diet?


When it comes to weight loss, exercise is more effective than rigorous diet, according to a study of English at Lough-borough University. Scientists studied women’s hormonal and physiological responses to control calories through exercise

tains serotonin – the hormone of happiness, and regulates appetite!


Kiwi is a small fruit that conceals a high nutritive power. Below we bring you a few facts about the kiwi that maybe you did not know.

Too much water can be fatal, warn doctors


The idea that the more water a person consumes, the greater the health benefits, seem to dispute after an incident in Britain. A  woman was hospitalized the «King’s College» with urinary tract infection symptoms. She revealed that doctors

Rub It In Scars & Wrinkles and disappear in no time! Even doctors are surprised!


Everyone wants to have a clean skin and for this reason they spend a lot of money on expensive treatments and products, which do not have results. However, be aware that there is a simple and almost inexpensive option – an easy physical