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New boyfriend Taylor Swift began to build a career in Hollywood


About the novel, Taylor Swift with British actor Joe Alvin became known a month ago, and during that time career new boyfriend singer has made a significant jump. It is reported that Alvin was approved for the role in historical film “Mary Stuart “,

How to fry your bacon perfectly


It’s not for fun that bacon is called the world’s best spice, and there is a high degree of fanaticism about how the bacon is cooked properly. It must of course be crisp, but being the best in the pan in the oven or in the microwave?

Peaches – the irresistible cookies that bring us back to childhood


Our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother every Christmas they prepared peaches. The children would then be gathered together around them waiting for little fingers can “clean up” the bowl in which the cream

Recipe for an easy pizza bread toast


Pizza is a favorite children’s snacks. This easy recipe for pizza is delicious, fast and surely will delight! materials

Great Recipe for the Build a Better donuts you ate Never. Try it and you will not re-buy the outside!


The donuts are delicious. Although many avoid them on a daily basis because of being fat, we can not always resist donuts. But why should you run out to buy donuts? You can make your own at home. It sounds difficult and complicated,

Bloody halloween cake recipe creepy but yummy

This Bloody Good Cheesecake Recipe is the spookiest Halloween treat that is sure to be the scary centerpiece of your party! Red velvet cheesecake is baked on a chocolate crust and covered in a blood red homemade gel frosting.

Chicken baked with potatoes and carrots by Jamie Oliver


Cooking time: 1 hour 45 minutes Ingredients: (500 g of carrots), (600 g of potatoes): (1 head of garlic),
(5 sprigs of rosemary), (Olive oil), (A whole chicken free grazing weighing 1.6 kg), (1 lemon), (5 sprigs fresh thyme)

The first ice cream which does not melt


Soon ended when he will have to hurry to swallow ice in the heat, before she sinks on her fingers … A team of British
researchers has found a solution for the ice cream do not melt (almost)! For this, they had the idea of using a natural
molecule called OFIS , which attaches

Research shows that a glass of red wine is equivalent to one hour Gym


Research made by the University of Alberta in Canada showed that the beneficial properties of resveratrol, a substance found in red wine, is equal to that of exercise in the gym. According to lead researcher Jason Dyck findings of this research will greatly help those who find it difficult to work out. Resveratrol, after tests on mice