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Fashion Battle: Kate Moss vs. Selena Gomez


The heroines of today’s “Fashion Battle” – Kate Moss and Selena Gomez. With a difference of a few months, they appeared in public in almost identical sweaters brand Coach. Moss, caught in the lenses of cameras in October 2016, attracted

Milla Jovovich for ELLE


“Bares before Ellen is a snap. In the first place it is a talented artist. I trust her and know that she would never publish pictures that might somehow compromise me. The same with the performance of tricks when you work with the

How to keep hair healthy in winter: 4 simple life hacking


The main enemy of the hair in the winter is a contrast of temperatures , which causes additional stress for your hair. Follow a few simple guidelines professional stylist , to mitigate the effect of differences between the warm and dry air of heated

Gigi and Bella Hadid: An irresistible duo for Moschino


Gigi and Bella lived a crazy year 2016 and competed for the title of Model of the Year . In 2017, they join forces and share a new advertising campaign. Stylist Jeremy Scott and Moschino madden the modosphere and social networks … This

This mask cleans the skin


The most important key of beauty is a healthy, clean skin. Led Mask also offers a new approach to skin care by setting out for this purpose. What is this Led Mask? WHAT IS LED MASK? The pink mask is an anti aging application

Girls with tattoos: Kendall Jenner, Lara Stone, Joan Smalls in V Magazine photoshoot


The magazine V Magazine in 2017 decided to start so that the memories for a long time. The publication invited to a new release of one of the most successful modern models – Kendall Jenner, Lily Aldridge, Lara Stone, Joan Smalls, Amber

How to choose the right coat for winter

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For decades, popular among buyers of fur coats. The fact is that such coats excellent protection from the cold and to raise the status of their owner. counterfeiting also quite rare, because fur has pronounced features that distinguish it from

You want to wake up fresh in the morning? See what to do at night


Most women in the morning especially when time is short, they do not have time to pamper themselves , so they go to work unpainted and unkempt. If you fall into this category, you can at least look more fresh . What to do; Preparation

Emily Ratajkowski naked show off everything in the square


She reached her fame when she appeared topless for the first time in the video for the song “Blurred Lines” the singer Robin Thicke. Famous model of “Victoria’s Secret” Emily Ratajkowski since then it has no problem to remove all

“Beauty and peace full”: Irina Shayk in Givenchy ad campaign


Irina Shayk , rumors of a pregnancy which clearly confirmed her appearance at the laundry the show’s Secret Victoria is , enjoy the waiting time with the beloved firstborn next – Bradley Cooper. Rumor has it, the couple knows their