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Prince Charles gave Megan a strange, but pretty nickname

Prince Charles does not seem to like a soul in his daughter-in-law : insiders report that he invented for Megan Markle a pretty nickname, which immediately took root in the British royal family (which generally calls each other funny names and nicknames)

Megan Markle talked about married life with Prince Harry

The honeymoon Megan Markle and Prince Harry, who were married on May 19, still lasts, although the newlyweds have already returned from the honeymoon . And Megan is in the seventh heaven with happiness: the newly-made Duchess of Sussex told the

Neri Oxman threw Brad Pitt for the sake of American billionaire Bill Ackman

Brad Pitt seems to be lonely again, the Western press reports. If you believe the new information Page Six, the actor’s romance with 42-year-old Neri Oksman did not become the beginning of a serious relationship, and journalists hurried to conclusions.

Katy Perry flew to London for the premiere of the play featuring Orlando Bloom

33-year-old singer Katy Perry and 41-year-old actor Orlando Bloom have two years in a relationship. But recently their joint ventures into the world are a real rarity. However, yesterday the paparazzi managed to meet a couple in the streets of London,

Family Exit: Megan Markle and Prince Harry at the wedding of Princess Diana’s niece

Megan Markl became the wife of Prince Harry a month ago, and now the couple in a new status has already visited another wedding. Megan and Harry appeared at the wedding of the niece of Princess Diana Celia Maccorkordale. Celia is the daughter of the

Why do not we see Kate Middleton in public again?

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge was in the center of close attention at several ceremonial events of the royal family . And the constant control over the mischievous children of Buckingham Palace at official events has many children mother,

Emma Watson and the star of the series “Chorus” Cord Overstreet split after six months of relations

His personal life, 28-year-old Emma Watson does not advertise too much, if not to say and does not hide from prying eyes. Therefore, about her novel with the 29-year-old Kord Over street (he is known for the role of Sam Evans in the series “Chorus”

The first joint trip of Megan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II

Today, Megan Markle first accompanied Queen Elizabeth II on a trip: Prince Harry’s wife and his grandmother went to Cheshire together. Duchess of Sussex and Her Majesty arrived in the morning on the famous train The Royal Train, where the royal family

Megan Markle misses her old life

When Megan Markle accepted the offer of Prince Harry’s hand and heart, however, she agreed to abide by the royal protocol. Cross on a career, moving to London, a new style of clothing – this is just a little, which Megan had to get used to.

Amber Hurd and Vito Schnabel no longer hide their novel: a photo of a couple

About the novel, Amber Hurd and Vito Schnabel spoke in the early days of May. Then the 32-year-old actress and 31-year-old art dealer were first seen by the paparazzi . And if the next few weeks celebrities did not comment on the rumors,