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Robert Pattinson hinted at the opportunity to work with Kristen Stewart


Aweek ago, the head of Lionsgate, the film company that released the Twilight saga, said that the sequel will follow as soon as the author of the books Stephanie Meyer takes up the pen. “We can tell many more stories, and we are ready to do it,” the top manager said.

Tom Cruise fell from the roof of a high-rise building


On the shooting of the sixth film “Mission Impossible”, which are now in London, there was an unpleasant incident. The main actor Tom Cruise decided to perform the trick himself – when shooting a chase along the roofs of houses, jump from one high-rise

Selena and Weeknd revealed great secret


Certainly, she has been thinking over what makes the stars so perfect. Many times, it’s just a photoshop, but all the more, the more celebrities begin to lean towards a healthy lifestyle. Selena and Weeknd have decided to share with their fans the secrets of

Suddenly! Leonardo di Caprio resting with Kate Winslet in Saint Tropez


The friendship between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is perhaps the strongest in Hollywood. Actors found a common language even on the set of “Titanic”, and since then their connection only grows stronger. Fans have repeatedly noted that Kate

So this is the extreme: Kylie Jenner is supposed to be expecting a baby with Travis Scott!


New day! Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant and is expecting a baby with her friend, Travis Scott. According to current reports, Kylie is already in her fourth pregnancy. She learned about this news just a month ago. Kylie, who celebrates her 20th

Kate Middleton shared a royal secret


Kate Middleton prefers sophisticated jewelry, so it is rarely seen in large earrings or necklaces. And recently it became known that in her collection of jewelry there is a secret necklace that no one has ever seen. It turns out that when Prince George was born,

Elizabeth II decides to give royal throne to William and Kate


Recently, Prince Philip left his post in the kingdom, so the queen found an aide-de-camp who will accompany her from now on at all important events. However, the other day sources close to the court said that 91-year-old Elizabeth still decided to

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted kissing at a concert in Los Angeles


Six months after the break – up, 32-year-old Katy Perry and 40-year-old Orlando Bloom are spending time together again: on Saturday, August 12, the stars attended Ed Shiran’s concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. And the ex-beloved behaved

What is really going on in the relationship between Amber Hurd and Ellon Musk


Week ago, foreign media reported the separation of Amber Hurd and EIlon Musk. A few days later, the billionaire confirmed this in the comments under the photograph of Hurd in Instagram. “I explain: Amber and I are not together now, but we

Unbelievable: The Weeknd said this: Will Selena become a mother ?


The Weeknd (27) and Selena Gomez (25) are young, affectionate couple, but that does not prevent them from thinking about their future. According to the latest information and keep it, at least one of them did. Abel decided he wanted to start a family