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Kylie Jenner with her boyfriend Tyga at a dinner in New York City


The ability to attract people’s attention Kylie Jenner clearly learned from her older sister , Kim Kardashian , as she was making her main weapon outcrop and shocking.  Last night, 19-year-old reality TV star went out to dinner with her

Gigi Hadid provoked talk of engagement with Zayn Malik: glittered the ring on the finger of the model


Journalists believe that soon Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik hear wedding bells sounds, because there was a ring on the finger of his left hand model. Paparazzi took pictures of 21-year-old celebrity on the doorstep of her home in New York.

Paris Jackson in Paris: the daughter of Michael Jackson on the set for Chanel


The image of Paris itself, which is dressed in a white silk blouse and red and white loose blouse, adding to the appearance of the lips bright makeup and big earrings, many recalled the appearance of the Madonna at the time of her youth.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are divorced


Even the status of one of the most desirable women in the world can not guarantee fidelity to her husband. During the years of living together with Jay-Z Beyonce had to put up with all her husband’s fleeting romance. But more of this

Emma Watson could be another Disney heroine


We are looking forward to entering the big screen screen adaptations fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” from Disney Studios. The main role in the movie performed Emma Watson. But today, it turned out that the Briton could become part

Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam


The strange behavior of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan in a social network prompted its subscribers to the idea that the famous scandalist converted to Islam. In recent years, almost every your photo in Instagram she accompanied

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez finds novel and The Weeknd PR action


Consoled himself, Justin Bieber . Canadian singer still can not let go of his former passion Selena Gomez , and can not believe that her feelings for new boyfriend singer of The Weekend – just a pathetic attempt to attract attention. Well,

Ben Affleck spotted on a date with a mystery blonde


The ten-year marriage of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck is nearing completion. Such a conclusion was made by the Western media, when they saw the 44-year-old actor in the company of a mysterious stranger. Affleck had a tiny blonde

Brother Meghan Markle can ruin her future unlawful actions


Many girls in the small age dreamed of marrying a prince. In theory, it is the strength to fulfill every one of us, but in practice it is not so simple. The potential new member of the royal family held a real audition, check, which is subjected

American star actor with mysterious bomb: Has she converted to Islam?


The scandal-ridden Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has a post on Instagram started speculation that she may have converted to Islam. The star has deleted all her pictures on her Instagram profile and exclusively written the words’ Alaikum