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Kate Middleton and the Countess of Wessex Sophie arranged a fashion reception at Buckingham Palace

The day after the 71st BAFTA Awards Ceremony, Kate Middleton held the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange event at Buckingham Palace, a reception at the London Fashion Week . And she was helped in this by another representative of the British

Paris Hilton birthday with Paris Jackson: famous actress and singer turned 37 years old

The famous Paris Hilton today can afford everything. Why today and why all? Because on February 17th this lovely girl celebrates her birthday with another Paris yes with Paris Jackson this time- Paris has “hit” 37 years. Fans showered

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced a divorce

Two and a half years after the wedding, 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux announced a divorce. In order to avoid all further speculation, we decided to declare a divorce. This decision, which we adopted late last year,

Spring casual: Blake Lively in dress-sweater and colored coat

Blake Lively recently admitted to the fans that she finally achieved one of the goals. She said that she managed to lose weight by as much as 27 kilograms, and not without heavy effort. But the efforts of the actress were justified, because now she can

Kim Kardashian wears transparent leggings without underwear

The queen of shock and the main trendsetter of modern times Kim Kardashian never ceases to amaze. Kim masterfully copes with the upbringing of three children, the development of the cosmetics brand and, of course, does not

The endless stream: Leonardo DiCaprio noticed in the company of a new girlfriend-model Camila Morrone

The 43-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio is known not only for roles in the best films, but also for what he meets exclusively with models. And the girls change one another before the fans of the actor have time to remember them. However,

I look at you like in a mirror: celebrities, incredibly similar to each other

Do you think the famous models are unique, unique and unique in their kind? In fact, in the industry there are often girls of exactly the same type who look alike, like sisters. On the occasion of the birthday of American actress Denise Richards,

Unbelievable: Pony tried to bite Prince Harry

A shetland breed has attempted today to bite Prince Harry’s hand at a royal visit with Megan Marl’s fiancé in Edinburgh. The former American actor broke into laughter by watching Crouchan, the poni, trying to bite Harry’s hand as he

Megan Markle and Prince Harry celebrate the British Carnival in Scotland

Megan Markle and Prince Harry continue to please their fans and appear at public events. This time they visited the Scottish city of Edinburgh, where they celebrated Maslenitsa. The English have their own equivalent of Maslenitsa – a holiday-carnival Pancake

Pregnant Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel at a party at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles

In New York, yesterday launched another Fashion Week ready-to-wear, which gathered almost all the authoritative figures of the industry and celebrities, but in Los Angeles these days is no less interesting. Last night, for example, there was a celebration