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Hundreds of people have made a tattoo with the heroes of the film “sucide squad “

While critics spit on “Suicide Squad” directed by David Eyre, the popularity of the film of the villains team continues to grow. people not only packs go to the movies on the “Suicide Squad” (the film is headed rentals all over the world), but also stuffed a tattoo with the

Life quotes from fictional characters

Of course, these statements do not belong to real people and fictional characters. But this does not mean that they should not be taken seriously. Many of them have already become winged and quite worthy of them to

24 fun things to photograph this summer


Taking pictures is fun, but often we lack inspiration to take another picture than the 100th selfie or again a portrait of your cat, dog or child. With this list you have a lot of new inspiration, and look at the end of summer, back to a lot of fun and

Life Picnic 2016: Why Should I go for the Most Valuable Festival this summer


For two days, 13 and 14 August , in a Moscow park “Krasnaya Presnya” will host the first Festival of Life Picnic . Its organizers – the creators of Geek Picnic, and it will be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. “Health and beauty theme very difficult – a lot depends on your

Humans are animals and filled with bacteria


The biologist, safari guide Søren Rasmussen takes on a new and ambitious masterpiece readers on a thought-provoking journey through the Earth’s complex biosphere. There is reason to take safari hat off to Søren Rasmussen. For not only is he a

Smile – we are on: Boom in sales of selfie-rods


Boom in sales of selfie-rods for tourists in the summer. In the ‘old days’ you could always tell a tourist on the flowered shirt and the camera that hung on the stomach. This is no more. For now known a ‘real’ tourist on his selfie-rod. And it becomes uninhibited taken back and

Humans begins to lose friends since 25 years


Every year the number of friends a person decreases. But the sharp jump occurs after 25 years to such conclusion the group of scientists from Oxford. To announce a verdict, the researchers analyzed data from telephone conversations during the month of more than three million

Belly dance – to find a way to femininity

belly dancing, arabic belly dance

They say belly dancer is able to captivate any man. Some truth in this. But not only the attire of the dancers, belly opening, inviting the movements of the hips and heaving chest. It is extremely important energy dance. East with his enigmatic music, stories, wisdom and cunning charms

“YouTube is working on paying TV service ‘


The online video platform YouTube of US technology company Google will next year launch a subscription service that provides access to a range of television channels. It reports the financial news agency Bloomberg citing sources close to the dossier. YouTube would have already

Believe it or not: Tattoos strengthen the immune system


After the first tattoos, body falling levels of immunoglobulin deserving of immunity. But, at the other the decline is much smaller which indicates that the organism strengthen the immune system, After the first tattoos in people to see a drop of immunoglobulin A antibodies of the immune system