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Dior Collections watercolor drawings Mats Gustafson


In the first half of the twentieth century illustration it has been an important tool for promoting fashion. So, Dior worked for many years with the painter René Gryuo. He was invited to cooperate personally Christian Dior. The illustrator

Art of Color: Dior book about the main colorist at home


In 1949 came the first collection of lipsticks Rouge Dior, which marked the beginning of the story line of cosmetics home. After nearly 70 years of Dior produces a book in which he decides to explore color and its significance for everyone

The artist transforms the Apple technology in the pots for plants


Project Plant your Mac! He invented the Parisian artist Christophe Gines. He takes the old Apple equipment, pulls out of it “stuffing” and plants to flower. The idea – to draw attention to the problem of e-waste. The plants artist Christophe

Extraordinary Graffiti art that is beyond imagination and look like Gates of another world


Who is that graffiti, street art, there is a serious art? These street artists know very well how to transform a common brick wall in a gateway to another dimension and takes us. This art certainly not pass unnoticed. The following projects

4 books for the first week of 2017


The Woman in White
This classic novel, and the first emotional mystery literary work (sensation novel), originally published in installments in the form All the Year Round , a weekly literary magazine founded and directed by Charles Dickens, from

Surreal Paintings that will make you stuck. Especially the 6th will Burn your mind!


The Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto, Canada. He started painting at a young age, but at 12 developed a sense of the architecture and the visual, so I got involved with the surrealist painting. The tables have incredible detail and there is

Great Recipe for the Build a Better donuts you ate Never. Try it and you will not re-buy the outside!


The donuts are delicious. Although many avoid them on a daily basis because of being fat, we can not always resist donuts. But why should you run out to buy donuts? You can make your own at home. It sounds difficult and complicated,

Do not look into people’s selfies, that you can throw into depression


People are generally published selfies on which the happy or having fun, which is why someone may ask why it is not so, and this can lead to a drop in self-esteem and life satisfaction. Do you feel unhappy and depressed, scientists have now

Bloody halloween cake recipe creepy but yummy

This Bloody Good Cheesecake Recipe is the spookiest Halloween treat that is sure to be the scary centerpiece of your party! Red velvet cheesecake is baked on a chocolate crust and covered in a blood red homemade gel frosting.

Kate Middleton does not allow Charles to communicate with their grandchildren


At Buckingham Palace, a new scandal erupted. At this time, loving grandparents could not share adored grandchildren. And, oddly enough, to blame herself, Catherine. The rich also cry. Especially when it comes to their beloved