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Favorite confectioner of Russian stars became famous all over the world by crazy cakes

Renat Agzamov is one of the most popular confectioners not only in Russia, but also in the world. Among the admirers of his incredible cakes are Yana Rudkovskaya, Elena Letuchaya, Alexander Ovechkin and other stars. And the wedding cake

Amazing Works Of Art Surreal Creativity

Arts – A style of art is appreciated in the creative arts. But not always work drawn to conventional techniques such as landscape, people, moods … These works are drawn according to the imagination of the artists performing. And here’s

Are we expecting the wedding of one of Hollywood’s prettiest pairs? Selena is ready!


Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are one of the most famous pairs of the musical world. Their love is incredibly strong and knows no boundaries. Selena found a friend, support and someone she loved with her heart. The queen of the Instagram has gone through a

Japanese Artist carves Scary Sculpture Wood seem like it is Haunted


The Nagato Iwasaki is one of those artists who have not heard of, but his art speaks for itself. The artist from Japan creates incredible wood carvings. Each of the human creations can both seduce you and scare you. The artist manages

Skulls of old books, amazing book art


Artist and sculptor Maskull Lasserre chose not very commonly used for recent sculptures. He carves human skulls from the old computer textbooks and manuals. Very interesting to see how these creations are born. On the one hand,

Dior Collections watercolor drawings Mats Gustafson


In the first half of the twentieth century illustration it has been an important tool for promoting fashion. So, Dior worked for many years with the painter René Gryuo. He was invited to cooperate personally Christian Dior. The illustrator

Art of Color: Dior book about the main colorist at home


In 1949 came the first collection of lipsticks Rouge Dior, which marked the beginning of the story line of cosmetics home. After nearly 70 years of Dior produces a book in which he decides to explore color and its significance for everyone

The artist transforms the Apple technology in the pots for plants


Project Plant your Mac! He invented the Parisian artist Christophe Gines. He takes the old Apple equipment, pulls out of it “stuffing” and plants to flower. The idea – to draw attention to the problem of e-waste. The plants artist Christophe

Extraordinary Graffiti art that is beyond imagination and look like Gates of another world


Who is that graffiti, street art, there is a serious art? These street artists know very well how to transform a common brick wall in a gateway to another dimension and takes us. This art certainly not pass unnoticed. The following projects

4 books for the first week of 2017


The Woman in White
This classic novel, and the first emotional mystery literary work (sensation novel), originally published in installments in the form All the Year Round , a weekly literary magazine founded and directed by Charles Dickens, from