Carrie Fisher ashes buried in an urn in the form of anti-depressant capsules

Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher , best known for her role of Princess Leia from “Star Wars”, was buried in the “antidepressant capsule.” Photos sibling Artist Todd Fischer, carrying huge pill, many intrigued audience. As it turned out, in the hands of a relative of the deceased was ashes in an urn sister a strange shape.


Carrie and life famous sparkling sense of humor. I decided a stay to the end. Urn such a strange shape was registered in her will, and it is no coincidence – this drug is often used in Carrie during life. Recall that Fischer has died at age 60 of heart failure.

It is believed that the urn with the ashes put in the coffin of his mother Carrie Debbie Reynolds, who died the next day after the death of his daughter, unable to bear the grief. Last wish was the actress will travel to your child.

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