This car will recognize its owner and has a camera for selfies

Among the companies that will be at CES this week show new cars will be and Chrysler that the concept of Portal wants to show that the family minivan does not have to be boring box . The company says that this is an electric car designed for Millennials Millennials to be a key part of their lives. The car is wide and tall like the new Pacific, but since it is a foot shorter.


Portal will come with three rows of seats and enough space for six people and a sliding door. The seats are also rail to the interior could accommodate the needs. The interior will include a camera and a large screen for the rear passengers to be able to take pictures and post to social networks while driving . Front Control Panel will also be a large screen, and around the entire car are LED panels which you can personalize the exterior.


The camera will not serve only for shooting but also for the identification of people who are sitting in the car, and there is a voice recognition. All this should serve to adapt the car to each passenger with seat position, audio settings, mirrors, contact list or navigation destinations.

The car is designed with autonomous driving in mind, but even he needs someone on the driver’s seat. But as the technology to move forward, it will be possible to upgrade the car. Technical characteristics are not exactly rich, known only to the built-in battery of 100 kWh and that the car has a range of 400 kilometers.

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