“How can this be?”: Donald Trump was accused of contempt of his wife

A few days ago, Donald Trump with the US family left the Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, where they spent their winter holidays, and went to Washington. Paparazzi managed to shoot the president with his wife and son on the plane’s ramp, and when


the pictures were on the Internet, social networking users left a lot of indignant comments. In their opinion, Donald showed a real disrespect for his wife. The fact is that, despite the strong wind and rain, while lifting the ladder, the president kept the umbrella only above himself, so as not to wet his hair, while his wife and son managed to get wet. “My husband would not even have thought of leaving an umbrella for himself while my daughter and I grow wet in the rain. It’s a shame! “,” The hairstyle worries him more than the family! “- wrote on Twitter. This is not the first time that Trump is seen not observing the elementary rules of etiquette. He almost never misses his wife ahead, does not open the door to Melania and does not give his hand when the First Lady leaves the plane or car.

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