Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden plan to become parents

45-year-old Cameron Diaz rarely gives reasons for journalists to write about her: the actress has ceased to appear and does not appear at social events. In January 2015, the movie star married the band’s guitarist Good Charlotte Bendzhi Madden, and now


increasingly in the media there is information that the couple plan to become parents. Sources from the environment of the pair told that Cameron and Bandji had tried many ways, including IVF, but all the attempts of the actress to become pregnant were unsuccessful. They very much want to become parents, but they do not work … On this path they already passed through much – it was a long and hard struggle.

Cameron wants to become a mother most of all. Failures further brought Cameron and Bungee closer together. He supports it and does not allow to forget that they have a common goal. Now they are open to all the ways to become parents and yet do not know what will help them as a result, but do not give up,”the insider said and added that the couple does not rule out adoption.

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