On C grade: Donald Trump rated Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry

Recently, TV presenter Howard Stern published an interview with Donald Trump, in which the current US president assesses the appearance of famous women. Despite the fact that the interview was written before Trump took office, the video caused a wide


resonance on the Web. The billionaire is fond of women with forms, so he praised Kim Kardashian, and actresses Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chestane called unattractive. Also not liking the president and Charlize Theron, “To be honest, I think that my daughter Ivanka looks much better,” Trump said ambiguously. Angelina Jolie, whom many consider a standard of beauty, Donald estimated on the seven on a ten-point scale.

“I do not think she has good skin and a beautiful face. To be honest, her lips are too large – they seem huge. Jolie is seven, but seven is not a dozen, “Trump said. He also admitted that he likes Holly Berry and said that she has “a beautiful upper body and exquisite skin.” The most beautiful women, according to the president, is his wife Melania, recognized as “one of the most beautiful women in the world”, and Playboy star Anna Nicole Smith. “She had the most beautiful body and the most beautiful face. And she also has the most beautiful hair of all that I’ve seen, “the billionaire admitted.


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