Brad Pitt is in love with Emilia Clarke

Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Ella Pernell – among the alleged beloved Brad Pitt for the year that has passed since his divorce from Angelina Jolie, foreign media have called completely different actresses, but none of the reports about the new actor’s novel has so far been


confirmed . All this time Pitt tried to return to normal life and struggled with his ex-wife for the right of joint custody of children. Now Brad began to appear more often at social events and, it seems, is now really ready for a new relationship. According to Hollywood Life, now Brad Pitt is in love with the star of the series “The Game of Thrones” by Emilia Clarke. The other day, Pitt and Clark attended the charity auction of Sean Penn, where one of the lots was dinner with Emilia. Brad actively fought for this opportunity and raised the rate to $ 120,000, but still decided to cede to one couple, who is present at the evening. But, as insiders say, from the idea to meet with Emilia Clark Pitt did not refuse: now he is going to call the 31-year-old actress on a date.

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