The boyfriend called her fat – but then she dropped him and threw 65 kg in revenge

During an altercation came Australian Hayley Westobys now former girlfriend to tell her that she should lose weight. Although the 25-year-old woman was aware that he was not his intention, she was hurt by words. Hayley Westoby was a well-trained teenager who loved to play sports and run. But at age 18, she had a knee injury and could therefore no longer run.


During Hayley Westobys first year at university, she got plenty of fast food and alcohol and took many kilos. Eventually weighed the young woman 119 kg and after his girlfriend’s comment she realized that she had to do something about it and lose weight.


– Before my weight was mentioned, I had not realized how much I had taken on, says Hayley Westoby. Therefore put Hayley Westoby in the first place a measure that she would lose five kilograms. She dropped alcohol and fast food and started going to the gym. When she first got started, it went surprisingly quickly:

– People do not realize how many calories and how much sugar in the glass of wine or beer, which they love, says Hayley Westoby. Before long, she had reached her goal and from there continued Hayley Westoby its mission with five kilos and five kilos she eventually came down on the 54 kilos she weighs now. Every day Hayley Westoby up early and exercising so she can continue to keep his good form at right.

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