BlackBerry Mercury release date revealed with phone set to beat Galaxy S8 to launch

It could be 2007 again, with Nokia about to release one of the most eagerly awaited phones of the year and now BlackBerry teasing plans to drop a new device. With Mobile World Congress 2017 – the year’s biggest smartphone conference – set to kick off in a matter of weeks, leaked materials have seemingly confirmed BlackBerry will drop a brand new phone in the days leading up to the Barcelona-based show.


According to the teaser image, which has prematurely surfaced online, BlackBerry’s next flagship phone will be formally unveiled at 7pm CET (6pm GMT) on Saturday, February 25. With MWC 2017 pencilled in to run between February 27 and March 2 – and most other press conferences for Sunday 26 ┬áthis would give BlackBerry a jump on the competition.
Although BlackBerry has yet to formally issue the event reminder, the leaked image all but confirms the Canadian firm’s plans, with the devices in question widely expected to be the long tipped BlackBerry Mercury.

A high-end phone that melds the old with the new, the leak has shown an iPhone-inspired metal-framed design that throws a classic BlackBerry physical QWERTY keyboard into the mix. Further boosting the phone’s high-end look, the phone has been show to pair its metal body with a carbon fiber rear that gives it a slightly masculine, official look.

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