Bill Gates became the richest in the history of businessman

The founder of Microsoft IT-giant Bill Gates has set a new record. Status businessman has exceeded $ 90 billion, thus making him the richest entrepreneur in history. Revenue Bill Gates was somewhat unstable in the years 2016 – apparently,


this is due to the state of the global economy, which is in a protracted crisis. However, that did not stop entrepreneurs achieve incredible mark of 90 billion dollars, accounting for 0.5% of US GDP – one of the most prosperous countries in this respect on the ground.

Remarkably, only one day, Bill Gates was able to earn about $ 680 million. That he was able to achieve due to the unprecedented growth of the shares of the railway network Canada National Railway Company and the company Ecolab Inc, Bloomberg reported.

Note the state of Bill Gates is superior to the GDP of the order of 130 world states. At the same time, among them were not just third world countries such as Zanzibar (1.29 billion dollars) and Vanuatu (0.81 billion dollars), but also Estonia (26.5 billion dollars), Croatia (57.1 billion dollars ) and Belarus (76.1 billion dollars).

Bill Gates is also included in the list of the richest IT-billionaires, according to Forbes. Analysts edition at the beginning of August 2016 estimated his fortune at 78 billion dollars.

In second place in the rankings is located Jeff Bezos (66.2 billion dollars), and the third went to the creator of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg (54 billion dollars).

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