Bill Clinton did not apologize to Monica Lewinsky and is not going to: “I did the right thing”

71-year-old Bill Clinton in an interview with NBC commented on the story that led to an attempted impeachment in the late 90’s. The politician admitted that he does not regret about how he coped with the scandal that arose because of his connection with

Monica Lewinsky. The former president of the United States added that he had never apologized personally to her and was not going to do it. Recall, the political scandal broke out in 1998, when the press leaked details of the relationship of 42-year-old Clinton and 25- year-old student of the White House. Subsequently, he was accused of perjury and obstruction of justice. I did the right thing. I defended the constitution … I did not talk to her (with Lewinsky.) – Ed .). I have often stated publicly that I’m sorry. This is quite another matter. Apologies were public,”said Hillary Clinton’s husband. Asked whether he thinks he should apologize personally to Monica Lewinsky, Bill replied in the negative. His interview was aired four months after the publication of Lewinsky’s essay on the Me Too movement.

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