The best luxury day spa in the world is Italian

The best luxury day spa in the world is Italian and is called Elite Wellness Boutique . The structure was crowned during the World Luxury Spa Awards , the prizes awarded to the most prestigious Spas worldwide, chosen from thousands of candidates.



The first place earned by the Italian Spa is an even more important goal if you think that the Elite Wellness Boutique opened just over a year ago, but together


we discover the reasons for its success. The World Luxury Spa Awards also included very famous competitors such as Armani Spa , Amore and Psiche Spa and Goco Spa Venice , along with hundreds of other candidates. But the award in the “Luxury Day Spa” category went to the Spa located at the 5-star Hotel MeliĆ  Villa Capri in the historic center of Anacapri.

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